CPU temp

just was in my bios checking out my hardware monitor when i looked at the cpu temp

it was 76-80 degrees celcius / 173 farenheit give or take a few units

motherboard temp was 46 degrees celcius / 114 farenheit

is this a problem? sounds a bit high

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  1. Go under Windows, and download CoreTemp.

    76-80C is definitely too high for a processor. If this also persists under Windows, you might want to increase case flow, and get a dedicated air duct for the CPU. Or better yet, get a 3rd party aftermarket cooler.
  2. HELLO, OK,
    YES..This is what I did.

    I finally installed the ZALMAN 9700 (LGA775) HSF to replace that Silly Pushpin type Stock Intel Fan,…AND the Coolermaster TX2 Pushpin type HSF ….. and VOILA! LOWER TEMPS! I hope these are reading up to Par. I took the Mobo out, installed the back plate and re-did everything.

    I have some screen shots. If anyone sees something that's not right, please let me know.

    Someone mentioned something about the DOT, I'm not over-clocking. Also, in the CELL Folder, the INTEL EIST..something I should know? Are the fans ok in the H/W BIOS?

    In case the attachment doesn't make it. before the switch, the CPU Temp was running @ 63c and System temp was 26c, the cores were

    BEFORE >
    Tj MAX 100c
    CORE 0 = 58c
    CORE 1 = 56c
    CORE 2 = 49c
    CORE 3 = 48c
    NOW >
    CORE 0 = 33c
    CORE 1 = 32c
    CORE 2 = 26c
    CORE 3 = 27c

    Someone mentioned something about the DOT, I'm not overclocking. Also, the INTEL EIST..something I should know?
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