Prime95 crashes after 1 hour

i just overclocked my q6600 from stock to 3.0ghz(9x333) which raised my fsb to 1333mhz which is one of my mobos supported fsb speeds. it posted and i began some tests, core temp, hw monitor and began running prime 95. after an hour of tests i get a blue screen and have to reboot. i come back and see that my core temps are around 60C and that it crashed after about 1 hour and 20 mins, this time was almost exactly the same all 3 times i got the blue screen.i tried increasing the cpuv by .05v and am running another test now. this is my first overclock and im lookin for any pointers that anyone might have. thanks

this is stable for internet use, but games and prime95 give me a blue screen

q6600 Go Vid 1.2625v
Msi P6n Platinum
mushkin 4GB (4 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) 1.8v stock
***right now i have all RAM timings and voltages on auto***

also my mobo does not let me type in the cpuv, instead i select an amount to increase the stock voltage by, anr right now i have it increased by 0.05v

I have also increased the nothe bridge-south bridge to 800mhz and increased the fsb voltage by 12%. again my mobo makes my pick a % to increase it by

if anyone can think of any suggestions please help me out here. Thanks alot
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  1. Sure, have you tested for your VDrop and VDroop amount?

    If not, and if you are still at +.05, what does CPUz say your Core Voltage is while totally idle?

    List that, and then also run Prime 95 small ffts test for 1 minute and look at CPUz, remember the lowest core voltage you see it flicker down too, and list that here too!

  2. not joking, but it crashed while i was writing a responce here. this time i didnt get a blue screen, it just restarted. so i just increased the cpuv to +.075.

    cpuv is 1.29 at idle, and i ran prime small ffts and the lowest it got to was 1.26v. this is while i have +0.075v
  3. i just increased the cpuv to +.1v. im going to run prime95 on the small ffts over night, hopefully it wont crash. il have new info in a few hours. Thanks

    with +.1v my computer restarts constantly, so i dropped it back down to +.075v and ran prime in small ffts. it ran for about 3 mins and than restarted my computer, no blue screen this time. does anyont have any ideas as to what im doing wrong????

    also here is some info taken from hw monitor

    Voltage sensor 0 3.36 Volts [0xD2] (+3.3V)
    Voltage sensor 1 1.31 Volts [0xA4] (CPU VCORE)
    Voltage sensor 2 1.86 Volts [0x74] (VIN2)
    Voltage sensor 3 1.43 Volts [0x7A] (VIN3)
    Voltage sensor 4 5.05 Volts [0x78] (+5V)
    Voltage sensor 5 12.50 Volts [0x8E] (+12V)
    Voltage sensor 6 1.87 Volts [0x75] (VIN6)
    Voltage sensor 7 3.31 Volts [0xCF] (VSB3V)
    Voltage sensor 8 3.02 Volts [0xBD] (VBAT)
    Temperature sensor 0 24°C (75°F) [0x18] (TMPIN0)
    Temperature sensor 1 35°C (95°F) [0x23] (TMPIN1)
    Fan sensor 0 2879 RPM [0x209] (FANIN0)
    Fan sensor 2 9091 RPM [0xA5] (FANIN2)

    ok, long story short---- i have a stable overclock with +.075v to the cpuv and all the settings i have above. i ran prime for over 10 hours with no errors so ill run more tests and post my results
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