My Thanks! And new pc build, but still Q's :(

Hello Hello, thank you for all your help. I have been reading your post and it has helped and encouraged me to build a stable cool and graphics that make a ps3 uneasy! Thanks for answering all my noob and difficult answers too. I have running now...

x64 Vista (yeah its a pain but i love it)
Asus striker extreme (again, but i got it to work rather quickly)
Intel Q6600 G0
2x 8800 GTS 512 Asus... better fps than i expected, but i have only tried on UT3, set to the mac settings and did not touch it
4 gigs of corsair dominators 1066mhz
Western digital HDD
850W thermaltake psu... hopefully that will be enough, works fine so far

took about 8 hours :( had some trouble with the case and motherboard.

1. My cpu (Q6600 2.4ghz) was running at 81'C on the stock cooler... the cooler from touch did not feel warm, certainly not (183'F). One pin looks darker, somewhat noticably... shoudl i be concerned? It had been running with a new cooler and the correct thermal paste for a while now at 40'C - 50'C. I have a bunch of fans in the case 3x120mm and a big one.

2. I have the Asus striker extreme, trying to put the 2 gpus... which ran fine with the stock cooler, but the cooler that works ;) is very heavy... should I be worried about the board atm? (currently on it's side) zhalman BTF90 (works good had to bend the fins to get it in though! ) the motherboard currently only has 4 screws in it... not sure if this is what asus intended or what. only 4 long screws and 4 washers to lift the board up... worried about this presently. Will it be ok on its side i have been checking the temp with Everest and my hand :)

3. Random, seen some posts to get a linksys WMP54G 4.1 working on vista... idk too much the card is kinda busted from an accident... anyone gotten these to work tried installing the ralink or whatever RT2500 did not work though. I am not a huge fan of wireless

4. Haven't researched this much but if you see a good site for air cooling and overclocking a GTS 8800 512 lemme know
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  1. 1. 81'C under load? If idle, it's too hot. Load is still too hot IMO for a stock quad.

    Max safe is 71'C. Your reading could be off. In most cases, the mobo will shut down or restart at 65-ish. Don't worry about the coloring of the push-pin.

    2. Make sure you have used all the screw holes on the mobo & 1 screw for each video card on the bracket. Plus an SLI link. It's fine as long as it's not a lan party rig. If you move it around to lan parties, make sure the video cards face the top.
  2. Seems impossible on the motherboard even though I will try once i find some good washers to hold it up, with out breaking it... they gave my 4 big screws and 4 dinky plastic ones... I have to replace the back plate on the cooler anyway. The CPU was reading correctly unfortunetly there was a problem with the intel cooler... be it the screws \ design \ thermal paste (even after being replaced) \ or the cheap components the intel cooler was louder and did nothing. That is the fan i have in now
  3. while running crysis i was only getting temps c.42 degrees... but my case is very nice... thermal take, even though the PCIs do not line up to well... had to put in all the screws but it helped... gts's are held up by a screw in the pci slot but not in their hole...
  4. which case do you have?
  5. 81'C is a lot for a Q6600. Mine idles at 33 and reaches about 45 when compressing video. I have a Scythe Ninja Plus on it and my case has 5 fans.
  6. what program were you using to measure with? ambient temeperature? are you sure that your HSF is mounted correctly?
  7. ^Exactly. My bet is that the cooler is not mounted correctly or you are reading the wrong temps. We might be able to help you better if you post a CoreTemp and a SpeedFan screen shot.
  8. Shadow703793 no luck with speed fan. Tells me i am running at 100'C, running firefox... since i have fixed the temperature problem with a better layer of thermal paste and a new HS \ fan Zhalman BTF90
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