E8400 Idle temps raising.

Hi, I had just gotten done with one of my builds...
My CPU's idle temperature has gone up 3c since yesterday...
Is this normal? (44c changed to 47c)
My CPU is an e8400 clocked at 4.2 Ghz.
So my question is, is this normal, and will it be okay?

We're moving around some furniture soon and I was wondering, what would happen if I were too move my case in front of the air vent? I know that it would keep it probably 10c lower... Would that have any consequences?

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  1. Is this using stock fan or aftermarket cooler?
  2. what are you using to measure temps? realtemp or coretemp?
  3. I'm using both real temp and core temp.
    And I'm using a sunbeam core contact cooler.
    There must be something wrong with both programs or my motherboard because core temp never goes below 44c and real temp never 34c.
    It's strange... The only thing that goes below is the nvidia monitor.
  4. Those temps don't sound too bad for your OC. The increase may be due to nothing more than an increase in ambient temp. Putting it in front of an AC vent will definitely cool things down. If temps were to continue to increase absent other changes you may have something to be concerned about.
  5. What temp does you bios say you idle at?

    I know that for me realTemp gave an idle temp cooler than the bios, and which was actually the same as the ambient room temp.

    I trust core temp as it gives a good 5-8 C more.
  6. well... its the summer... and temps fluctuate a lot n the summer... so... I'm going to say yes its normal
  7. Yeah, I was messing around on google and found out the tjmax for an e8400 is 95c and core temp was estimating 105c so my REAL temps are 33c-37c idle, and my load is like 62c
    I'll post some more up here when I put it in front of the vent, and I'll post some temps
  8. Oh! I opened up core temp, at 12:38 today, and yeah, my idle temps are back down to 34c... So it's good now, I hope. Hehe. But I'm gonna see if I can get it any cooler. Oh, and also, my core temp as said before doesn't go below 34c... So if I put it in front of the AC vent, I would know HOW cool it is unless I check the BIOS, and I can't do that while it's in load. Is there a problem there?
  9. Room temp effects case temp. case temp effects cpu temp, and its not always in a 1:1 relation. Sometimes 2c room will increase the cpu by 3-4c.

    You are well within specs. do not worry.
  10. I made no mistake in placing the case in front of the AC vent. My load temps went down 20c.................... XD XD XD XD. My load temps are now... 50c and my idle is 29-30c.
    That's pretty chilly for 4.2 Ghz.
  11. sure is. enjoy.
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