Win XP Boot issues/Partitions

Hey guys,

I need your help.

Backgroung: 1 Hardrive. 2 Partitions

D:\Windows Operating system

I am trying to tell Win XP to boot from the 2nd partition. But what ever I do or put in the boot.ini file it doesn;t see it I guess. I bypasses it and boots up recovery which is not even meant for this computer. Someone placed a boot recovery from another system into the work PC and not it always boots to it. I downloaded a private boot CD with mini Win XP on it. So I can go in and edit everything.

From d:\ I copied over the boot.ini and ntldr files to drive C:\ I do not have Win XP disk and I am unable to run recovery and the bootcfg /rebuild command. I have to do it manually and it seems that it just doesn't see it and it boots into the recovery automatically. What else do I need to edit on Drive C:\

Which file does the PC look at first when it boots up and when does it make up its mind on how to boot. I was under the impression that it looks at c:\boot.ini and it gets directed from there where the operating system is.

This is my boot.ini

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /NoExecute=OptIn

Should this part be changed to 2 since its on the 2nd partition called drive d:\ ? (1)\WINDOWS <-- this to "2"?

I have been trying to figure this out for hours. Please help.

Thank You in advance,

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  1. You *Must* get a Win XP disk.
    Boot from it and start to go through the process of repairing Windows.
    DO NOT allow Setup to format the drive, (Leave file system intact)
    You can abort the repair at the point it re-boots itself...
    (Press the 'F8" key and your original XP install will be on the list as well as
    setup and install Windows XP).
    Select your original XP install and start Windows normally.
    Go to Device Manager, System, Advanced, Startup and Recovery, Settings, Edit, and there delete references to the XP installation and setup. Save.
    Set the startup choice in the dropdown box to your XP, click Ok.
    Re-boot and XP should be first on startup list, start XP and you are done.

    You can now delete the temp files Setup was going to use to install/repair Windows.
    This is just one way to do it and seems easest for people to follow.

    You can also load recovery console and search for OS and add to boot loader, but people get lost easily here so I offer this method.
  2. Thank You for your post. I just got the disk and will try it. I tried the bootfix and I lost my partition. Using Partition software I was able to get it back....oh man...this is fun....after this I will remember this process forever...

    I will keep this posted on how it went. again, Thank You
  3. The first way is not working for me. the first partition is too little and it doesn;t even see my real partition where windows is located. what would be the other to manually force it to boot from correct partition. after I did the partition magic it seemed swap the partitions. so now c: drive has the windows on it how it should. bootcfg /rebuild is not working as it states the partition is unrecognized. but I can see everything in it. this was same issue before. any other ideas?
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