What motherboards have over 8 SATA Internal and 1 or more Esata

Hey so I've been looking in upgrading my system and getting a new motherboard and Waiting for the new Q9450
Anyways the type of motherboard I'm interested in is

Brand: don't matter I do like Asus though
Chipset: Intel
Lan: Anything but Marvell
Socket 775 of course
memory: DDR2 would be nice or ddr2 / ddr3 like P5K-C
and sata 8 +
esata not required but would be nice

Any ideas?
thanks in advance
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  1. The most I've seen is 6+esata although you might want to check out server boards. You could always just get a PCI card for the extra sata ports.
  2. better to get a PCI-E controller card to avoid PCI bus saturation.

    abit's IP35 Pro seems to be 1 of the best for playing nice with addon controller cards & it has 6 internal SATA plus 2 eSATA.
  3. I have an ABIT AB9 Pro. This one has 9 SATA and 1 eSATA. Owned this board about a year. Working great...
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