Bios wont detect my cd-rom drive

Ok here is the problem, i gutted my brothers hp and put all the components in a shiny new tower and added a new power supply and graphics card. Motherboard, cpu, cd drive, and harddrive didnt change. When i start it up and it runs through the ide test all the computer see's is the harddrive. The cd-drive gets power and i switched out the data cable with a known good one. Still doesnt detect it. The motherboard is a ASUS P5LP-LE. Im really at a loss here. Can anyone lend the expertise?
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  1. can you see it in bios?
  2. Nope cant see it in the bios either
  3. Hmm, possible it was affected during transfer..try another and see if it will recognize it
  4. have you tried switching the jumpers?
  5. yup tried that no luck
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