Huh? Cant hear you, my fan is too loud!

Im not an overclocker but i figured this is the best place to post. I installed an e7200 on my d945 mobo replacing my celeron d. I didnt use the fan that came with the e7200 because it had clips and my motherboard takes i used the same old heatsink/fan. The problem is, now its much louder than before. Not terribly screaming but definitely noticeable. Im a firm believer in silence is there anything i can do to slow the fan down or something? My temps are36-38 on the e7200. thx
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  1. ^^^^ A very interesting post. Not a tricky post but just an interesting one. Not being an overclocker is a very good starting sentence for you my friend. Let me help you out. As processors become more potent they require more juice. More juice creates more heat. Now, this old celeron that you have is a minor low heat processor. Doesn't take much power cause its a low end not potent processor. Therefore, Intel equipped it with a smaller, weaker, HSF setup. One that doesn't need to dissipate hit very much. When you put a more potent processor in and use the weaker HSF setup the sensor in the system will notice more heat. Therefore it will send more power to the fan. This will make more noise but will keep the e7200 much more cooler. I highly recommend using the fan that came with your e7200. If you can't, then it will be painful to hear your fan spinning in overdrive all the time.

    Hope this helps and this was written in classic (infols size 12)
  2. Get an aftermarket HS.
  3. +1 for Zorg, definitely get an aftermarket cooler, Arctic Cooling Freezer pro 7 so do fine.
  4. +1 to the Freezer 7
  5. Does the Freezer 7 have an adapter that uses a backplate?
  6. I think you can mod the freezer 7 to work with an adapter, but otherwise no.
  7. No backplate, but its sits very snugly to the cpu, i was hesitant at first thinking the same thing, but after i installed it i realized i was just being paranoid.
  8. The Freezer is great, but loud at full speed(subjective). So if you can dial it down about 400-600rmps its allot quieter.

    Still another +1 for Freezer.

    You will have to see if those screws or backplate can be removed or whatnot. If its glued solid to the board do not break the board to remove it.

    You can also try speedfan to drop the speed of the fan as long as the temps stay within spec and your board supports it.
  9. +1 for Arctic Cooling Freezer pro 7
  10. Ok, so arctic cooler pro 7 sounds like a good idea. The only problem is how do i install this thing, or the stock cooler that came with my e7200 when my MOBO only has little screw holes for installation. the e7200 stock cooler didnt appear to have removable pins/clips.

    Am i "screwed"? or are there parts that remedy this inconvenient dilemma?

    thx guys
  11. if you remove the board you may see that there is a backplate on the board or even as a part of the base. If you can remove it you can use the freezer or stock. Some have removed the pins on the stock to use bolts. so it can be done, but it may be a pain.

    Your screw holes do line up with the stock pins right?

    an example of what a backplate may look like

  12. The pins do line up i believe. I did not remove the motherboard so i dont know what the backplate looks like. But I did not bother because the screw holes were much smaller than the pins that came with the stock cooler. like this photo:
  13. If that's yours it almost looks like the screws are going into the motherboard tray(those holes are normal size). You will have to remove the board to be sure. Its a pain, but just take note of where everything goes. and NEVER over tighten the screws when you put it back.

    As far as i know. Intel boards do not come with any back plate as intel coolers use the push pins.
  14. Well, mission accomplished. It was a pain getting the motherboard off. plenty screws and plugs to remove before getting it out. That backplate did not want to come off easily as it was stuck on there with glue. but it came after a few minutes of careful prying. So i put the stock cooler in and its running real nice and quiet...except the temp (at idle) are 51 and 53 now, versus the 36 and 38 I had with the old cooler. Its a trade off.. i doubt this is going to be too hot. its nice and quiet though so im happy.
  15. SO i just starting running a few virus scans to see how hot this thing would get. core temp (during scans) and speedfan are telling me that it reached 90 C. at that point i stopped the scan and am considering putting back in the noisy fan that keeps it cool. WTF?
  16. Ok! re-seated the heatsink. those god awful push pins werent fully pushed through the mobo...did that now im idling at 37-41.

    running a few programs at 100 CPU and its reading 54-56 MAX compared to 90 before..

  17. Good you caught it.

    Enjoy the quieter system.
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