Need Help to optimize multiple HDD's for Gaming. Non RAID

My new Computer Setup will include 3 Hard Drives.

1 500 GB SATA
1 100 GB SATA
1 200 GB IDE

All drives are 7600 RPM.

I plan on using the 200 for backup only, for our home network, all our pics and music. Maybe more.

My question is, what should I do with the other 2 drives to optimize them for gaming? OS, Programs, Data, Pagefile, Temp/Cookies, Etc.

I am going to be running XP 64 bit, with 4-5 GB of RAM.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. its 7200rpm

    More than likely your 500gb is the faster of the 2 SATA drives...

    Personally i wouldnt even use the 100gb, just put everthing on the 500gb with 2 partitions 1.OS 2.Games/Data. Use the 100gb in an external enclosure or something. Splitting the data across 2 drives isnt going to give you a significant advantage in gaming
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