ANTEC 900 sound!

How loud is the Antec 900 case fans?
Jet engine?
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  1. I have mine all on max chat all the time and can say it's quieter than my Sky+ box!!
  2. On max, I have to say it is quite load, but of course they can be turned down and are then virtually silent, especially with a fan speed controller.

    And i have to say, if you Sky box is loader than my Antec 900 then i think something is seriously wrong!! :P

  3. Do to the fact that this case has such great air flow I can run all the fans on the low setting and it is very quiet! The case is sitting right next to my right knee.
  4. I've got this case sat on my desk about two feet from my right ear. Each fan inside the case has an internal switch with three settings (Low, Medium and High) to control the fan speeds.
    With all on Low this case is nearly silent and unless you live in the Sahara or have the case packed to the gills with hot hardware then you won't need any other setting. The airflow through the case is excellent.
    Highly recommend it.
  5. Thanks I am getting it soon.

    Any other cons u feel with this case?
    Did u guys manage ur cables inside? How did u go abt it?
    I am new to cable mgmt and wud like some pointers.
  6. I have an 8800GTX inside which is a rather long video card, this does put a bit of a barrier across the inside of the case making cable management a little bit more tricky, but nothing to write home about.

    Even though the power supply is located at the bottom of the case I wouldn't say it causes any more cable management issues than say a standard ATX case layout.

    Personally I'm not very scrupulous about my cables being perfectly tidy inside, even with a window on this case. My advice to you if you'd like a nice tidy case is to spend a little extra to get a decent brand-name power supply that uses a modular cable configuration. These PSUs allow you to remove certain cables altogether if they aren't in use, as opposed to them dangling uselessly inside the case.
    Then your best bet is to be patient and take time finding ways to neatly route the cables through your system - having a bunch of small cable ties handy will also be useful.

    As for some pros and cons;

    Good layout with PSU at bottom
    Very efficient cooling (especially due to large 200mm fan located top rear where PSU would have been)
    Attractive design

    Lack of space inside if you plan on using many components
    Not tool free (bothers some but not myself)
    No motherboard tray
    Large grilles on front and side attract MASSIVE amounts of dust to be prepared to clean this sucker often

    I'd say in general though that the cons are just small niggles that even added up don't take much away from the case. If you want confirmation just do a google search for some reviews on this case and I think you'll find that the vast majority are very positive. Remember how cheap this case is!
  7. Thanx Adrenalinmad.
    I did check reviews mate. And I am frm down under, the case is quite expensive here. I want 2 build a PC for myself for my birthday. I want it to b futuristic looking and giving tonnes of functionality. After checking millions of cases - raidmax, nzxt, iCute -- I sort of decided on this case.

    U mentioned a good brand PSU - I am getting a corsair vx-450. Is that ok?

    Is there any webpages on cable mgmt?
  8. Corsair is a good brand. I have the 520HX

    The case can be loud when doing nothing, but I usually have the tv on, music playing, or gaming which easily overcomes the noise.
  9. Found this sale for the Antec 900 at $87.99.
  10. The 900 is at newegg for $80 after MIR

    with free shipping i think
  11. Guys - I am frm down under!

    The case costs around 168$ here.
    Even if I get frm newegg - the price wud b around the same.
  12. Another one from Down under here ... some background ... i live in sydney and my pc is on the second floor of a non air conditioned house .. so it runs in 40degree ambient temps at times .. e6750 o/clocked @ 3.2ghz never goes past 55 degree celcius

    Got a Thermaltake Armour here (with the liquid cooling kit) and i got no probs. Similar design to 900 but tool free and also has filters for the fans on the front so virtually no dust gets inside .. for that reason alone i chose it instead of the antec 900.

    Mines a little tight for space inside but i imagine without the internal liquid cooling space would be no prob at all.

    Case is quiest as, airflow probably not as good as the 900 but you can get an optional side panel with a 250mm fan for around $50AU which helps alot for cooling the ram and motherboard
  13. I love my Nine Hundred. The temps you get are awesome. I have all my fans @ mid and is a fairly quiet case. If you put all the fans in LOW will be pretty much silent, but I prefer good temps :-D
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