What's the best block size for my SSD RAID?

I just bought a bunch of new components for a i7 920 o/c build. The system will pretty much be exclusively for gaming though I'm also concerned with everything else in vista that touches the disk feeling responsive (ex, opening pdfs and other documents). For this build, I got 2 of these since I heard the performance is pretty good on them. However, I have no real experience with ssds. I figure RAID 0 is still the best way to go for performance as it is with standard hdds. I was just planning on using the ICH10R on the Asus Rampage II Extreme unless there's a relatively cheap raid controller that will show a decent gain. What block size should I use for the RAID? Thanks in advance! :)
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  1. it depends on the size of the ssd's
    i have 2 80gb intel x25-m in raid 0 and its fast.. no question faster then volci raptor in raid 0 by miles
    if you have 2x32gb then i recomend strip of 64kb
    if you have more then 80gb i recomend 128kb as thats probily the best
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