Full GeForce 9600 GT review

A new king of the midrange? The nVidia GeForce 9600 GT review from http://www.pconline.com.cn:

Intel Core 2 Duo QX6800, LGA775, 12.93G, 14096K SmartCache L2 x 2,
266 x 11 = 2930MHz, DDR2 800 4-4-4-12
Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6
DDR2-800 1GB x 2
7200.10 SATA 320G
Samsung 305T
GeForce 9600GT 512M(650/1950/SP:1625)
GeForce 8800GS 384M(575/1700/SP:1438)
GeForce 8600GTS 256M(675/2000/SP:1450)
Radeon HD 3850 256M(669/1660)
Windows Vista + DirectX 10
nVidia ForceWare 171.16 beta For Vista
nVidia ForceWare 169.23 For Vista
AMD Catalyst 7.12 For Vista

3DMark2006 Ver.110
Call Of Juarez
Lost Planet:Extreme Condition
Company Of Heroes Ver 1.70
Need For Speed: Pro Street
Unreal Tournamant 3 Demo
Colin McRace Ver :1.1

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  1. Looks good and proportionate.

    And heres the 9500GT 256mb review if not posted. Come to your own conclusion about this one :) (128-bit memory bus).
  2. Its in Chinese, but this review says 256 bit memory bus.

    The real question is price - should be sub $200
  3. Just posting the 95GT for the hell of it because the review is new.

    200 would be about right being par with the 8800GS or 3750.
  4. Looks like a decent card. Hopefully under $180.
  5. ^Agreed
  6. Double the performance of the 8600GT! I still wonder why they MADE that card.
  7. From the stats above, I think comparing 512mb version of 3850 with 512mb version of 9600gt would be fair. And what are the costs of this card??
  8. to get a quick buck off people that buy Dells
  9. man, this is so stupid-liciouse they way nvidia is dumping out these cards to tha market!

    oh well! be lookin forward to the 8800gs to come out. need to make my new build as budget friendly as possible!
  10. ok I'm gonna do my best to translate this...sorry if my grammar suck.
    Even though the 8800GT has a good money-to-performance ratio, the cost of it is still to high for average gamers (1900Yuan),But, even in this high range video card category, Ati got nothing on Nvidia. Still,2000+Yuan video cards are not the mainstream popular items in the chinese market. Most ppl onl ycare about the 1000 ~ 1999 yuan mid range video cards. And nvidia doesnt have alot to offer in that category. Ati on the other hand,has Radeon HD3850. To make up for its weakness in the mid range card market, nvidia send out 8800GT 256MB and 8800GS. Still, the 256mb GT sucks in higher resolution and the 8800GS is just a delaying tatic to hold off ATI until back-up arrives. Now, msot of yous probablly know, nvidia will release G94 chip with DX10 support on valentine's day, alogn with 9600GT. Today, one month away from valentines day, us at pconline test labs used our "connections and influence" and finally got a hold of the G94 9600GT. How will it compare to the Radeon HD3850、GeForce 8800GS and GeForce 8600GTS?Let's find out.

    2. G94 chip internal specs
    According to the name,the G94 chip will surpass the 8 series(no duh). And the cards with the number 6 in its name ahve been hot buys here in china from the 6600GT,7600GT,to the 8600GT. So we can safely assume that the future of 9600GT will be very bright. (insert fancy chart here) Now, According "reliable sources", the chip uses 65nm technology. It has 2 stream processor, doubling the G84 chip's. It will be a good match against Radeon HD3850. Just like G92 chips,G94 supports 256bit memory, and H 264(no idea what that is). It stil lsupports DirectX 10 and shader model 4.0. Seems like nvidia is not that eager to make DX10.1 cards yet.

    3 is about the sizing tof the chip,nothing to translate there.
    4. Appearence
    from the looks of it GeForce 9600GT and GeForce 8800GTare similar,using cooling devices from CoolerMaster,comapred to GeForce 8800GT, GeForce 9600GThas bigger fan opening.  Geforce 9600GTuses DDR3 memopry from samsung,response time is 1.0ns,each memory module is 512Mbit * 32bit,has 8 modules,GeForce 9600GT memory clock is 1800Mhz。
    5.Test computer specs..nothing much to translate.they just wanted to use quad core cpu and huge monitor.
    6.3DMark06 just formulas and graphs.
    The testing scene we picked was the first auto save point, "welcome to rapture" We use fraps to get the fps. (see graph)
    8. Company of heroes,just read the screens.
    9. Call Of Juarez see above
    10. Crysis: If Farcry is the reason why DX9 became popular, then crysis is the Farcry for DX10.
    11. Lost planet: see screens
    12. NFS Pro Street: see screens
    13.Dirt see screen
    14. Fear (note:if a system doesnt have enough memory to run under this resolution,the score will be a 0)
    15.Unreal tournament 3 see screens.
    16. Conclusion:
    Ok, now after you saw what the new card can do,let's wrap it up.According to the benchmarks, 9600GT is a true successor to the 8600GTs, out performing it 90% of the time, and so it def has the goods to compete against HD3850.Only in NFS pro street where 9600 and HD3850 came close,other times 9600 is just plain better than HD3850, all thanks to the 512MB of memory.
    Alot of people worry about the 9600's compatibility with the upcoming DX10.1. From what we hear,96000 wont be able to support DX10.1. But still,only a handful of games in the market can successfully utilize DX10, DX10.1 is just too much for now. according to sources, the 9600GT will cost 169 USD, or 1299 Yuan. Coincidentally, this was the price of 8600 when it first came out. 8800GTS dominates the 2000+ yuan market,while 8800GT dominates the 1500~2000 range. With the arrival of HD3850, 8600GTS got kicked out of the 1000~1500 market. With the upcoming 9600GT however,the 1000~1500 market will be owned by nvidia yet again.

    phew.that was my hasty translation lol.sorry i cant do better, hope my translation help out a lil.
  11. divinebaboon said:
    ok I'm gonna do my best to translate this...sorry if my grammar suck.


    phew.that was my hasty translation lol.sorry i cant do better, hope my translation help out a lil.

    Thanks for translating it.
  12. You guys know that is a Photoshoped pic of the card which looks just like a 8800GT right? My guess this is total BS.
  13. bydesign said:
    You guys know that is a Photoshoped pic of the card which looks just like a 8800GT right? My guess this is total BS.

  14. Ah crap..the launch date got pushed back again...now it's 2/21/08
    oh and Bydesign,if you think that's photoshopped too...then...nvm
    oh btw here's some leaked pic of the back of the box

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