IDE/SATA Combo Drive Adapter issue..

Hiya. I bought a new internal 250GB IDE Jupiter hard drive to hook up as an external storage device for my laptop computer. I bought a IDE/SATA Combo Drive Adapter to use as the hook up, and it works pretty well I should say, I have already used it on 2 older internal hard drives I had laying around (a 20GB and 40GB Western Digital hard drive) and retrieved many old files I have not seen in over 2 years, which I am very happy about.

However, I went to use the hook up on the new 250GB IDE Jupiter hard drive and can't get its icon to pop up under "Computer" in the Hard Disk Drives section as my 2 older Western Digital hard drives did when connected. Thats not to say that the 250GB Jupiter HD wasn't being detected at all, I could go under Device Manager>Disk Drives and it would be listed there, but other than that, thats it. Any help or explanation as to why this is?

PS: As ignorant and backwards as it sounds using an internal drive as an external, I have my reasons.. Lol =P
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  1. You won't be able to access the new drive untill it has been partitioned and formatted.
  2. I thought new hard drives came pre-formated and partitioned from the factory? I do not wish to install a windows operating system on this hard drive. I am actually planning on reformating it in PS2 format, I am planning to use it to store PS2 games on and hook it up to my PS2 via a network adapter. So, I guess my question now should be will my computer properly detect it once I format it as a PS2 hard drive?
  3. Bump.
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