Onboard X1250 vs. OnBoard Geforce7 vs. old AGP Radeon 9700 Pro

I got an older Radeon 9700Pro and it's been serving me GREAT!

I however gotto upgrade my CPU/mobo and cannot use AGP no more... and since I am on a budget, wanna know how do the new onboard videos compare to my few year old Radeon 9700pro? In particular X1250 or GeForce 7-series (all I could get from Asus mobo)...

or in other words... what would be the equivalent Video Card to my 9700pro at the moment? So, I can form a base.

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  1. They likely won't give you as great performance as the R9700P in older games, but will let you play in SM3.0 games the R9700 currently can't.

    However expect and overall drop in performance in games both can play.

    This may give you some insight into the performance of the GF7150 intergrated;


    The X1250 would be similar.
  2. So, for instance, playing Half Life 2 - at 1280*720... do I get less FPS?

    Man... Radeon 9700pro was INCREDIBLE for its time! It's like 5years old, still holding its own!
  3. lol you'd get a nice slideshow with intedrated graphics at that resolution, maybe something like 800*600 with everything at low could be playable.

    Integrated graphics are good for solitaire or minesweeper but thats it...

    If your on tight budget, get a mobo with integrated and pci-e slot so you can get a decent card when you've saved up some money...
  4. I'm not sure what your current upgrade plans are, but you could do what I did and get something like this for an inbetween MB. Keep your 9700Pro then switch to PCI-E when you can afford it. I used the 775Dual-VSTA and upgraded my parts as I could afford them. Kept my 9800Pro untill I could afford my X1950Pro, and my DDR333 untill I got my DRRII 800. Then switched to my AB9 QuadGT after all my components would work in it.
  5. So, cannot even compare my 9700pro to the onboards out there..

    been away from computer parts and I *assumed* after 5 years, the onboards would catch up the dedicated video cards of the past! Guess I was wrong!!! My 9700pro runs Half Life 2 GREAT, I even ran it in 1920*1080 without any Anti-aliasing... it worked OK, but a bit slow!

    Was thinking of a cheap mATX motherboard, along with either AMD x2-5000+ black edition, or, Core Duo 6400...

    Now, in terms of Video Card, can at most afford 2600 Pro or maybe 2600 XT... now, would that be better for Half Life playing than my Radeon 9700? From what I've reviewed, seems to be the case...
  6. We stopped using an AGP system with a Radeon 9800 Pro and replaced it with an ASUS 690G system. The Radeon 9800 Pro would play Oblivion at medium settings, the 690G at low and even then it was jerky.

    Resolution was 1024 x 768 at something like 20 fps with the Radeon 9800 Pro, but the IGP couldn't handle more than 800 x 600. A Radeon 9700/9800 has 8 pixel pipelines, whereas the 690G IGP has 4 pixel pipelines and was based on the X700SE. Don't kvetch too much about IGP generations, it was a godsend to many, as the X200 IGP only had 2 pixel pipelines.

    That's why I got an X1650 Pro for that PC. Soon, it will get a 3850 or so.

    If you can't afford a new card plus the CPU and motherboard, then wait till February or March for the new DX10 780G IGP, it's supposed to be twice as fast as the 690G. Mated with a $50 3450 in hybrid Crossfire mode, it will be three to four times as fast. It will also work with an X2400 series card.


    Nvidia's coming out with hybrid SLI, which will work with the 8400 and 9400 series cards, so it should be similar to AMD's solution for low end gaming.
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