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overclocking my 8800GT

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January 14, 2008 10:13:00 PM

Hey, i know how to overclock and everythign but Im curious to what sections I shoudl concentrate more on, like should i try to OC my GPU, Shader or Mem speed more? I know that the Shader helps more then Ocing the GPU. I ran a test on crysis using 690/1725/1000 and comapred it to 700/1725/1000 and 690/1750/1000 and the one with higher shader clock (690/1750/1000) got slightly more FPS. (Im judging by eye sight, but the 1st test with 700 GPU would lag more when during my test was more obvious) So should i just see how far i can go with my shader? Or get my shader at a good spot and clock up my mem? like 680/1775-1800/1025?

My defualts for my 8800GT Evga 512mb was 650/1625/950. And by maxign out i mean ill stop when i hit a certian temp. 70C is cut off for me so i go no higher then 66. 42C is idle temp for me.

Thanx in advance

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January 15, 2008 4:49:11 PM

Just get it to 700/link the shader/1990 memory. Reason for the 1990 memory is the supposed rumor that running in at 2000 will damage it over time, although I haven't really seen much proof to that. In reality you wont get amazing or more noticeable FPS improvement with those clocks.
January 15, 2008 5:15:41 PM

There's always the volt mod, though you shouldn't expect a great leap in performance unless you get your CPU above 3.6 ...
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January 17, 2008 1:40:11 PM

nhobo said:
There's always the volt mod, though you shouldn't expect a great leap in performance unless you get your CPU above 3.6 ...

Maybe this is why I didn't see a great boost. The link I followed to do it, in their particular system, the CPU's score was like around 6k in 3DMark06, opposed to mine which is now around 2700 points. They were able to get there SM2/3 in the 6k area while my points after the mod (1.26V idle 1.29~1.3V load) did almost nothing, although I was able to get my core to 770 and shader to 1925 as opposed to my 700/linked/995 speeds.

*edit* I just checked the link posted above and thats actually the EXACT guide I followed, It works well, and I do have the pot still stickied on my board, it's just I didnt see any improvement, due to what is probably a CPU bottleneck. But it seems I would need a $1000 cpu or a very well overclocked Q6600 to obtain a real gain from this volt mod.
January 17, 2008 4:59:02 PM

you shouldn't worry bout the 3dmarks you got that's just because of the CPU...
I would Imagine you would get about a 10% fps increase in games though hopefully. try a couple of those tests....

I agree you're probably cpu limited with the volt mod in general, but you might wanna try to do the math and figure out the


settings that give the best timings, There has to be an optimal setting there...somewhere in your range