Ultra Chilltec Thermal Electric CPU cooler

OK so I am currently looking into a new cpu cooler. Right now I have a Thermal take Blue orb 2. This cooler allows my cpu (Q6600 @ 3ghz) to hit 63C in game on hotter days. I am not comfortable with that. So first I looked at water cooling specifically the Big Water 760i. But then it became apparent that to get good performance out of water cooling I need to build a custom system and that is not going to happen cuz its way to expensive. So then I looked at the Chilltec CPU cooler. Now I have heard some really good things about this cooler but I Have also heard some bad. SP I don't lnow what to think. I it worth the money? Does it perform well? Any Personal experiences? I really don't care how loud it is because I have a few louder case fans so thats not a problem. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

CPU: Q6600 @ 3GHZ
GPU: BFG 9800gtx OCX
PSU: PCP&C 750 watt Silencer Quad
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  1. I have the Ultra ChillTEC with the ci7 920 @ 3.33GHz under load I hit about 62 degrees. I hope this helps...
  2. i'm biased against thermo-electric coolers because they're inefficient. that correlates to a bigger power bill and more heat blowing around the inside of the computer case.

    if you want heavy artillery cooling wise, beyond what one of the tower heatsinks and some good fans can provide, i think water cooling is the way to go.
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