New XP install and Motherboard/CPU/8800GT Gives Driver Error

Hey yet again guys,

Well I managed to borrow an XP CD from a friend and finally managed to get XP reinstalled to grant compatibility to my new mobo and processor.

It was all working fine and i booted up to install the drivers from the BFG disk for the gfx card and the Gigabyte disk for the mobo.

I installed the mobo software and drivers first and restarted without any problems. Then i installed the driver for my graphics card from the disk provided, and then restarted. But then i when i reached the login screen my display had gone all funky and low-res/colour. And when i logged in i hit a blue screen and had to restart again. The next time i logged in i reached the desktop and tried to alter the resolution i received the following error message:

'The currently selected graphics display driver cannot be used. It was
written for a previous version of Windows, and is no longer compatible with
this version of Windows.

The system has started using the default VGA driver.'

So i downloaded the latest version from the Nvidia site and restarted... same problem.

What on earth could it be?

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. This is one damn problem after another.

Thanks a lot
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  1. It could have been a bad install the first time. Trying reinstalling and using the latest drivers.
  2. No i've tried that, i also tried installing one of the windows drivers from the hardware driver list. It still just keeps telling me the driver was made for a previous version of windows. This is ridiculous.

    Thanks for the suggestion
  3. never use the disc that comes with the card NEVER EVER


    NEVER NEVER USE THE DISC - down load from nvidia or ati

    now wash it by loading drivers a few times
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