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first off im sorry if im in the wrong section ive never used this site before so feel free to move it. so as you know i have a gigabyte 945gcm-s2c motherboard and i was woundering if anyone could help me locate a pencil mod for my memory voltage also i dont think this is to big of a deal but if i set my cpu volt to say 1.50 it sets it to 1.45 in pc health sometimes lower please help as i need more voltage to my ram to make my overclock stable....

pentium e2180 2.0ghz @ 200mhz currently at 3.33ghz @333mhz
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  1. what are some user opinions on the gigabyte 73pvm-s2h???
    is it good on overclocking
  2. Oh i see you have a similar model Motherboard to the 945GCMX-S2l i'm considering, does yours overclock ok? I mean what is the BIOS options like?
    Can you increase voltage to the CPU and adjust the FSB at all?
  3. well tats if indeed the s2c and s2l are brothers, sisters or whatever my 2 s2c's where pretty good u have to pad mod the cpu to 1333 or have a 1333fsb cpu and ur ram will overclock to about 420mhz.
    however i just swaped out my board for the 5 time at my local microcenter and got the ecs g31t-m and i feel this board is much better it has the x3100 video chipset instead of the 950gma and if you padmod ur cpu to the 1066 fsb and set the ram to 800 in the bios u can then use setfsb to overclock it in windows right now im running my pentium e2180 @ 3.2ghz and my ddr2667 ram is overclocked from 333mhz to 480mhz if i could find a voltage mod for my ram i could hit the 500mhz mark and prolly higher but so far no luck
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