low frame rates on new build... any ideas?

Hello all,

I have been getting some low frame rates and I was wondering if anyone had an idea as to why.

My build is this
Q6600 overclocked to 2.8 (Just the Asus auto 15% overclock)
Striker Extreme mobo latest 1305 bios
2 Asus 8800GT's in SLI
4GB Crucial Balastix 800 ram
2 seagate 360GB 16mb hard drives on raid 0
X-Fi extreme gamer sound card

When I play WoW, with SLI on or off, I only get like 45fps. If I change to windowed mode, I get 150fps with maxed setttings at 1680x1050. Also, as far as I can tell, Crysis and Obvilion don't seem to change much with SLI on. I have looked at all the settings and they seem to be correct. I thought it might be a bad video card so I swtiched them up but there was no change. Any ideas?
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  1. Have u updated the VGA driver?
  2. Yea I keep checking Asus for motherboard updates and I have the latest driver from Nvidia which is 169.21

    I am running Windows XP Pro 64. Can't believe i forgot to mention that lol.
  3. Your PSU?
  4. Antec Truepower trio 650
  5. Did you connect the two cards via the bridge chip and plug power into the second card? I know its a dumb question, but some things do get overlooked when people are excited.

    Try running GPU-Z and seeing what your cards are running at. Test them in 3dmark06 to guage what your performance is. Try only running 1 card and test again. Make sure all your drivers are up to date and installed properly (uninstalling old ones first).
  6. Yes everything is connected. I tried running 3Dmark06 since it came with my computer. I believe one card got around 10k and with SLI i got 15k last night. I use cpu-z but i didnt know about the gpu-z. I will def try that when i get home.
  7. Have you looked into some past issues with WOW and SLI? I just googled and saw many. Older posts, but might give you some clues.
  8. Yea I did. As I said in the first post, SLI on or off. I have tried both ways and it seems to be about the same FPS. It's just weird when I switched it to windowed mode last night for an unrelated reason, I saw my FPS skyrocket. I just thought it was weird.
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