I was reinstalling XP when I accidentally deleted the MBR. It starts up fine, however when I have a cd in the drive or a USB device plugged in I get the message "no bootable partition in the table". I need to fix this since I want to keep myUSB printer and USB hub plugged into my pc at all times.

I tried going into recovery console and replacing the HAL dll file (d:\i386\hal.dl_ c:\windows\system32" & received the message "this file could not be expanded". I also tried typing the command "FIXMBR" but still getting the "no bootable partition in the table" error message. Can anybody help??!?
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  1. you should repair reinstall XP again, without reformatting the drive or deleting partitions.
    when you get to the point where it says: Reformat? select: repair existing installation.
    This normally puts everything back to a default state. You will need to load the motherboard and printer drivers after it repairs. You can download the drivers from the manufacturer websites.
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