Dead Ethernet Ports?

Upon waking up this morning I realized that I had no internet on my computer, I'm writing this on another one, and further inspection revieled that it was not detecing any ethernet ports in any shape or form. There were no indicator lights as there usally are and windows did not detect the connection. So I changed the cables and alternated them between the two ethernet ports, and lo-and-behold I got internet for about 2 minutes and then it was lost again. So are the ports dead or am I missing a driver, or is it something else?


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Motherboard: ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe
CPU: AMD X2 6000+
RAM: Coasair DDR2 (2 GB, dual channel)
HD: Seagate 320 GB
GPU: EVGA 8800 GTS (320 MB)
OS: Windows XP Pro 32-bit
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  1. Look in device manager to see if the are working or if they have a warning sign next to them. Also look to see the driver is still there.
  2. I'd look for Windows updates or a virus as the cause although it could be hardware too.

    Use the windows recovery to go back around five days (assuming you are using sp2) and then see if that helps.
  3. Check the bios.
  4. Roadrunner device manger doesnt recognize a problem
    evongugg nothing seems wrong in the BIOS and looks set up correctly.

    well I had the computer off for about 2 hours and now the internet is back, i don't know for how long it will last though. Plus its only transmitting at 100MB, as opposed to the standard 1000 MB. I'll have to try windows recovery after lunch.
  5. Another option if you can't get it working otherwise, toss a 1000 MB/s NIC card in one of the PCI slots, and disable the onboard. Usually they aren't too bad.
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