which setup is better AMD vs. Intel

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  1. better for what? are you OCing? even at stock speeds, the intel will be faster.
  2. sorry for forgetting that, i want to play some games, mostly supreme commander and i rip and burn a lot of music

    i already have a 8500gt and everything else that is essential

    I want to oc this to around 2.8-3.0 becuase i heard that that is possible on air, is this true?
  3. I would think you might want to go with Intel, seeing as you can overclock the e2200 easily.
    The RAM and mobo look good. In all fairness I think either setup would be fine. One thing I would suggest if you go AMD is the x2 5000+ black edition. Its a little more money, but you could get great performance out of it.
  4. Either way the bottleneck for gaming will be your GPU.
  5. Go with the Intel. The E2xx0 overclock well
  6. Indeed..supreme commander with a 8500 GT?...good luck on that....You'll have to play with some pretty low settings unfortunately =(.
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