Using nTune for adjusting vga fan speeds

This is actually two questions rolled into one. I got the new GTS 512 and have read numerous threads on changing the fan speeds.

I downloaded nTune (huge file- compare RivaTuner). Well that had some suspicious service that reads, "Service to allow a remote administrator to access this machine for gathering information, and performing performance updates." Well who the hell wants to see that anywhere on their machine? So I got rid of that and tried RivaTuner (2 mb). Maybe I'm an idiot but I couldn't figure it out. RT seems like a pretty advanced utility for overclocking and tons of other things, so I got spooked again and got rid of that too. All I wanna do is change my gpu's fan speed here.

So I went back to the nTune and let it install all of its components- after reading you can disable that service without causing any problems. I adjusted the fan speed directly to a comfortable 75%, which blends in with the rest of the racket the other fans make. My question is does this 75% stick (stay constant) during gaming? It's not too low is it? It's idling at 40c now, down from about 60c.

My second question is there a way to check your gpu's temperature in game? For anyone who owns a GTS 512 they should check their fans speed cause mine was 29% at the initial automatic setting. I thought I read somewhere that the new GTs and GTS's are suffering from slow fan speeds because of a bios flaw. My card is evga if it matters.
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  1. Not really sure about checking your Temp in game but you could try running your game in windowed mode. My 8800GT superclocked was at 25% also, I didn't like it that low so I raised it to 50%. I believe the fan will stay constant unless there is some sort option you can turn on/off.
  2. Well if you download that utility for checking your graphics card temperature from the nvidia control panel (actually it's a separate package now) You get a box that can be extended to show a graph of the temperature.

    When you right click there are options to log temperatures memory voltage, in short quite a bit, for a specific time.
    When I want to check the temp. while gaming, I'll simply just start a new log for 20-30 min. Play the game for that time. Open the log and read the data to find out. I think it's recording with 1-5 min intervals.
  3. When you adjust the fan speed directly with nTune it stays until you shut down the computer. After which it returns to auto adjust on startup. I forgot about that graph. I just window the game and check the temperature after a long gaming run and that is accurate enough for my purposes.

    I set it at 70%. It makes noise but not like a tornado or anything (gts 512). Making it higher seems a waste since I've run it at 100% and it still never drops the idle temp below 38 or 39, maybe a degree or two below 70%. Either way the initial 29% is definitely too slow.
  4. Try ATITool - Overclocking utility for ATI and NVIDIA cards, it has very good GPU fan speed control.

    Don't forget to read this.

    Set your preferred fan speed and then set ATITool to load at boot and forget it. There is no need to save your fan settings as a profile but you can save multiple profiles if you like. It should work with your Nvidia card although I haven't tried it with any Nvidia cards. ATI has temp logging to a text log file and Rivatuner will log temps to a nice graphical log. As always take care in using any overclocking program.

    Here is a screen shot of the fan control page so that you can see the level of detail in the settings. I'm not even using the last three increments, IMO there is no real need.
    Edit: Posted correct pic
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