PC restore vs reinstallation

So I have some virus/malware issues.

I had upgraded to a 120gb HDD for my laptop. Got virus. Blue screen of death. Now all I get is a black screen saying unable to read disk or something like that and it says to press ctrl alt delete.

So using acronis I am going to create an image of the original (and still working) 80gb HDD and restore it to the 120gb HDD. Problem is the 80gb HDD is kinda buggy too. Also this computer is like 4 years old and from what I have read (pc mag, lifehacker) some suggest you should do a reinstall every so often to keep pc running optimally.

So, once I get the 120gb restored I thought I would do a reinstall just to have a clean slate to start off from. I own a dell and in researching things I found out I may have another option besides a complete reinstall i.e. a PC restore (http://support.dell.com/support/topi...n&docid=181316)

So what would be best the restore or the reinstall (http://support.dell.com/support/topi...t?docid=339949)
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  1. Do you have an actual XP disc, or is it an OEM disc?

    With vista unless I have software I can't recover I always prefer a new install over a recover. It's like spring cleaning, it clears all the useless stuff you have built up and has your PC running good as new.

    HOWEVER, if you have an OEM version of XP, don't bother buying a full XP disc, do your recover, use some good antivirus/malware such as NOD32 and malwarebytes.

    Once that is taken care of get Revo Uninstaller and remove the things you don't need.

    If you don't mind purchasing software I would also recommend TuneUp Utilities.

    The PC I am typing on now has had XP since the beginning on 2002 and it's still as quick as lightning because I keep it maintained.
  2. I have a dell oem (i believe cause it came from dell) reinstallation dvd.

    So I should bypass the reinstall and just do a recover then?

  3. Yes a recover and get yourself some good anti-virus software :)
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