my 8800 gtx oc 768 is making a loud nonstop beep and doesnt work

why is my 8800gtx oc 768 mb making a loud nonstop beep and not working but my 8600 gt 512 mb works fine. can someone tell me how to get my 8800 gtx 768 to work please. thank you,
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  1. Have you got the power cable/cables plugged into it properly? sorry apart from that my only other thought is that its bricked. :(
  2. when i oc my 8600 too far it beebed as well, and did not give a new screen aswell. maybe you oc't it to far?
  3. i have just got one of the cards today and had that same problem, but it works fine during normal use, only if i go into standby mode it beeps and dosnt come on.

    from what i can tell, it's a safety issue, when the power drops, the card cuts out and sounds a warning that there isnt enough power for it to work safely.

    i got a 600w power supply with 2 PCIe slots and it works fine, only when sleep mode dose it beep when the computer comes out of it. and i hear a faint dieing beep on shutdown.
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