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ECS 8200A RAID 0 Problems with Reg Hard drive

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December 30, 2008 3:00:48 AM

hey how it going. I'm haveing a problems hooking up a reg hard drive with the raid 0 stripe. my two hard drive is Seagate 250 Gb 16 mb cahe it plug into SATA 1 port and SATA 2 port they are raiding stripe 0. I'm useing vista 64 bit ultimate I loaded the driver from the ECS 8200A motherboard CD to load the driver everything working great it fast not bad vista is loaded on the stripe nvidia hard drive as it showed in vista Nvidia stripe total size 465.77 GB in device manager. but the problems is that if i wanted to hook up a reg seagate 320 GB hard drive just for slave drive where all my music and some important stuff is on that drive. if I hook that 320 GB hard drive up it on SATA port 3 or 4 or 5 doesn't matter where i put it but when i loaded vista it wanted me to fromat the drive which it have all my stuff on the 320gb drive. and it keep saying it a raid nvidia drive everytime i go to My computer and try to double click on the 320 HD it asking me to format it which i don't want to. I remember from an old NF4 motherboard where u have to go to the BIOS and go into Intergrated Peripherals and press enter for RAID config where u could set which port of the drive to be raid and non raid. example

SATA 1 Primary Raid (enable)
SATA 1 Secondary Raid (enable)
SATA 2 Primary Raid (disable)
SATA 2 Secondary Raid (disable)

I don't see this anywhere on the BIOS like my old motherboard did. it a AMI bios and i couldn't find this setting does this mean i have to buy a PCI SATA 1.5 card to able to used my reg 320 GB hard drive.can someone help me plez or any ways of useing this drive? thanks for anyone for some help

System is
AMD 9850 BE
ECS 8200A motherboard
ECS 9800 GTX video card
8 GB of Cosair PC2-8500 1066
Creative X-fi fat1ity titanium champion PCI-E sound card
DVD Blu-ray Liteon x6 speed
600 watts power supplies

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January 19, 2009 4:43:59 AM

Never mind guys I gues I don't need the Bios config. I had to trun off UAC on the account from vista and it now letting me view my hard drive alittle mistake I didn't know. the drive came from another computerso I gues that have something to do with it now it working.