Help me get my PC Audio to my TV speakers

I currently have my PC hooked up via S-Video to my TV so I can watch videos on a slightly larger screen. I know the SVideo doesnt transmit audio, but I was wonder how I could get my PC audio to come out of my TV speakers.

Assuming I had an Asus Maximus Formula Motherboard, what steps should I take. Is there an audio-out on the back of the board or do I use a sound card?

I'm really new to the "Audio" scene so names of cables and such are jibberish to me at the moment.

Thanks for any help you can give!
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  1. sorry half asleep - your mb has hd audio on board just use the adio out on the back of your mb
  2. Yup. Don't get conned by fancy cords, granted it can have some affect on sound quality but it isnt worth the premium. And gold plating is a gimmic, those monster cables cost 10x less than what they are sold for so keep that in mind when you buy a Y adapter.
  3. Hmmmm...

    Just pointing out... TV speakers? Unless your have really cheap PC speakers that sound worse then the TV speakers, I'd rather listen to the movie off the PC system.

    So depending on what kind of TV you have, meaning the kind of inputs you can hook up to it would decide what kind of cables to get to hook your sound card outputs to the TV, unless you have an entertainment sound system you could actually hook it up to. :D
  4. Get a Y cable with a PC card plug on one end RCA plugs (red and white) on the other and then run RCA cable/plug to he TV Audio In. Go to Radio Shack to get the cables, agree you don't need to invest a fortune in the cables, e.g., Monster.
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