Does these FPS seem right (crysis)

First thing's first, I have a 7950 GX2 and it is getting only 18 of the 28 amps needed, what is the consequences of this? Would there be a performance difference if i got a better psu with 28 AMPs?

AMD BE 2300 X2
Geforce 7950 GX2
2 gigs of ram

I am getting 30 Frames on medium settings at 800x600 resoloution, if i overclock the CPU from 1.8 GHZ to 2.4 GHZ i get 55 frames. On 1024x768 i get 25 frames stock and 35 frames on oc.

Ok now the question is, what frames should i be getting? According to the Toms vga chart i should be getting close to the 8800 GTS performance.

Is the cpu ALL of the bottleneck? maybe a few more amps would raise the fps bar? i only need 20 frames to play a game, i care about graphics quality most.
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  1. i play on all high settings with single gpu systems but all high end - all of then 8800GTS 512, 8800GTX and ultra and the 1950 pro and 2900XT

    you get 17-25fps in high systems - 1200x1000 and 1900x1200 with 2aa of and on - always all high

    so you are right - bottle neck? no - its called gpu maxed out
  2. At 800x600 it becomes more CPU-bound than GPU-bound.
  3. You're getting really close to my 320.. I get about 35, 1280x1024, all medium (physics, sound very high/high not sure), but I haven't played since the patch and the newest drivers.
  4. i got 8800gt stock. i get around 30fps. in lowest case, it goes around 10fps
  5. With the below system on medium settings(no AA) in Crysis i get between 40-80fps but later in the game with the larger fight scenes i need all low settings just to keep it around 30. If your GPU is not getting enough power then it will perform terrible and it obviously won't perform in a graphically intensive game like Crysis. My advice is to get a PSU that can power your computer properly. Now if that doesn't solve the problem remember that Crysis is the most demanding game out today so most computers can't run it well.
    The difference in Crysis between medium and low settings is much less then the quality of smooth gameplay. Increasing the resolution to 1024x768 or 1280x1024 and running at all low setting with no AA should look and run better then 800x600 at medium settings. Personally I love good graphics too but just like when Oblivion first came out it was much more enjoyable to drop all the settings (except resolution) to play at around 60fps then to marvel at how pretty my slide show looked.
  6. Sounds about right...If you really want your optimal quality I would spend a little time and check out some of the tweak guides for modifying your config files

    I'm playing at 1360x768 on my 37" TV...sitting about 5 feet back with my own custom config settings (basically the DX9 Very High stuff that's all over the net but I've altered it to fit my likings)

    Getting a 31 avg fps, occasionall dips to 25, 38 or so in easy areas....on a 8800 GT 512
  7. Ok so it looks like im where i should be. Seen an article where a 8800 GTS got very high/high settings at a low but playable frames. I dont see any difference at any different resolution or more frames than 30, but i do see a difference when i change the quality.

    Heh im wandering if the PS3 can play crysis, and how long it will take for a console to be able to play crysis.
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