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I have just installed a Cmedia sound card as the one thats on the motherboard was not working as it is a ALC888 conexant drivers but the realtek would not come in the sound card was blank. Do i have to disable the motherboard card for my Cmedia to work & how do i do this please .
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  1. click my computer
    click control panel
    click system
    click the hardware tab
    click the device manager bar
    look on the list for sound, video game controllers
    click +
    now you should see a list, find the device on the list
    point at the device you want to disable
    right click the device
    left click on properties
    look for: Device usage, drop the menu down by clicking the arrow
    select: Do not use this device (disable), click it so that it is blue
    click OK
    close all the windows and restart the computer
    your device should be disabled now.
    Install your software, ignore the windows installer wizard. You may need to un-install your software first, then reinstall it.
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