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I have been experiencing some quick connection lapses while gaming online ( CoD4 & CoD5 ). This happens maybe once every few minutes and the game just lags completely for a second or two while showing that there is connection trouble, then resumes and is fine. My ping to the server is good, usually 50-80. I did not have this issue when the machine was directly connected to the wireless router with cat5.

I don't experience any other disconnect issues on my laptop wirelessly or during normal browsing on this machine, or downloads, poker, etc.

It is an issue I can play through, but if it's easily fixable I'd like to remedy it. I have a Linksys wireless router downstairs, directly below the machine I'm playing on. The router is silver with one small grey antennae, I think it's 54 Mbps and one of their cheaper models.

It connects to the machine via a Azio usb 54Mbps wireless adapter, which has pretty good reviews on newegg.

So my question is, any ideas what is causing this occassional but fairly consistent lag? I'm guessing the weak point is one or both of these items. What should be my first option to fix? Obviously buying another wireless adapter would be an easier and cheaper solution than replacing the wireless router.

Also, I reset both the cable modem and router yesterday, the reboot didn't have any affect.

Any help would be appreciated!!!
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  1. I should add that the machine is running Vista.

  2. I apologize for not poking around a bit more before posting. It looks like this is a very widespread issue! I had no idea.

    I'm going to first try to disable wireless zero, though I'm not sure if that is on vista or not. Then I'll try to install the Azio drivers from their site.

    If anyone else is having this issue it looks like the first step is to stop wireless zero.

    control panel -> admin tools -> services -> right click windows zero config -> STOP

    Good luck!
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