BFG 8800GT OC2 - Low frame rates.


I got a BFG 8800GT OC2 for christmas and a new power supply to power it:

My current system is:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ (2.264MHz)
BFG 8800GT OC2 512mb GDDR3
3 gig RAM (PC3200)
Nforce4 Pro-Sli Motherboard.

Ok, so here is my problem, i thought that after upgrading my graphics card i would be able to play games such as Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat etc on max settings with high FPS. However, on Team Fortress especially, the fps drops to 20-30 when fighting sometimes even lower.

There is a constant 60 when just looking at a wall. Was i being too optimistic or have i missed a setting or something along the way? I have ran that beta scan on the nvidia driver site for my motherboard and graphics card, i installed what it suggested so i assume i have the latest drivers for everything.

I use rivatuner to boost the fan speed when im playing to either 80% or 100% this makes the temp on the graphics card about 60c.

I'm a noob to upgrading my computer on my own as i have always bought premade computer bundles, so im worried that iv set my PSU up incorrectly.

Thats it thanks.
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  1. How much you get on your rails? I only get 14A and 15A on my rail 1 and rail 2. I have a Thermaltake 500W purepower and I run just fine so I believe we can cancel the PSU as a enemy. But I believe your flux capacitor *garble, cough* CPU can possibly be a bottleneck. X2 +4400 Is not bad but I'm not to sure of its power. I would run a 3dmark06 test (its free) and when your done get your score and click the details of your score and it will tell you the score of your CPU specifically. According to Tom's you'll score about a 1650. I'm scoring about 2700. But I have a E2180 @ 3.2Ghz. But what that translates to is your cpu is performing quite a bit slower than mine, maybe to the point where your cpu is bottlenecking your GPU. Where could be an expected new fee if you plan to upgrade, If you wish I could recommend a 5000 BE and possibly OC that, if your not into OC you can shoot for a 6400 which is pretty cheap now-adays. If you do get a 6400 or OC a 5000 BE well you'll get about 2600 CPU points which translates to a nice WOW effect when play games.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    I just ran 3Dmark06, i got :

    Main Test Results
    3DMark Score 8037 3DMarks
    SM 2.0 Score 3429 Marks
    SM 3.0 Score 4198 Marks
    CPU Score 1702 Marks

    So you think my CPU could be a cause of problem? I was looking into upgrading, but that would mean i need a new motherboard as im sure my existing one doesn't take much higher then what iv got.

    This is on ebay, what do you think?

    Only problem i can see is that it doesn't have 2 x PCI Express x16 slots, incase i wanted to SLI later on.
  3. What resolution are you playing these games?
  4. 1280 by 1024 - Its my monitors native resolution.
  5. you said you get a constant 60 fps when looking at the wall. If this is exactly 60 for all your games then you more than likely have vertical sync enabled. Try disabling that as sometimes it can screw with your frame rates.
  6. Quote:
    you said you get a constant 60 fps when looking at the wall. If this is exactly 60 for all your games then you more than likely have vertical sync enabled. Try disabling that as sometimes it can screw with your frame rates.
    Yeah, it could very well be vsync. Read this and find out why Vsync can be bad:

    Now maybe you can see why people loathe it. Let's go back to the original example. You're playing your favorite game at 75Hz refresh and 100FPS. You turn VSync on, and the game limits you to 75FPS. No problem, right? Fixed the tearing issue, it looks better. You get to an area that's particularly graphically intensive, an area that would drop your FPS down to about 60 without VSync. Now your card cannot do the 75FPS it was doing before, and since VSync is on, it has to do the next highest one on the list, which is 37.5FPS. So now your game which was running at 75FPS just halved it's framerate to 37.5 instantly. Whether or not you find 37.5FPS smooth doesn't change the fact that the framerate just cut in half suddenly, which you would notice. This is what people hate about it.
  7. I have an AMD X2 4200 (939) and 8800GTS 512, and I am seeing similar frame rates. The CPU is to blame, IMO.

    When I overclocked the CPU from 2.2ghz to 2.6ghz, my 3dmark06 score jumped from ~8500 to ~9500 which futher proved my thought that the CPU is scared of my new graphics card. ;)
  8. Also, it looks as though the PSU has 29a combined on the 12v rail so that should not be the issue.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys.

    Found the vsync info very interesting. Turned it off and im getting better FPS but it still drops to 20's just not as often. But when it does it doesn't feel or seem as slow or jerky. Getting around 75 FPS looking at a wall now.

    This is all still with the setting not on max, no AA and such.

    At least im not worried that my PSU is at fault anymore, thanks for the replies on that.

    All in all it is much better, i do want to be able to max everything though, maybe i just need to upgrade my processor?
  10. id guess that it is the processor.

    Some argue that the CPU has no effect on the graphics performance above a certain resolution, but I disagree.

    If you could manage to get a 8800 Ultra on a Pentium II CPU mobo, im sure that the 8800 would be seriously handicaped.

    SOOO, yea, CPU, IMHO.
  11. Well, any games on the Source engine are more reliant on your CPU... so it will definitely boost your performance some if you move up to a 6400+ or C2D equivalent. Also, by upgrading to a better CPU, you enable more rendered frames through which will give you a higher FPS.

    A game like Crysis may not show as much, if any, improvement from a CPU upgrade.

    Just out of curiosity, what resolution are you playing at?
  12. if your asking me, i play at 1680 x 1050.
  13. Ah, I was asking the OP. :p
  14. oh ok. OP had mentioned it previously:

  15. Looks like i'll need a CPU upgrade then if i want the performance i desire :).

    My student loan comes in soon so ill be able to buy a process/motherboard bundle.

    Any suggestions for a motherboard/processor bundle. A processor like the 6400+ would be great or any similar (intel etc). That ebay link i posted earlier iv desided against since i will eventually want to SLI in the near future.

    Thanks alot. Great comments / support :)

    EDIT: On an off topic matter what does the (4-4-4-12) mean in your sig rgeist? In my rooting around on forums iv seen alot of stuff about that with memory.
  16. +1 on the CPU. The Source engine is CPU dependent. Got a E6600/8800GT combo and drop to 30fps sometimes with tons of players in a game of CSS.
  17. Thanks for the link, mmm now i know i definatly will be upgrading my CPU, if source is that dependant on it.
  18. Ok, my problem is solved i think.

    Turned off vsync.
    Learned that source is very much CPU dependant.
    Need to upgrade my CPU.

    What do any of you think of this? Is the price ok for what you get and the hardware good?

    Thanks :)
  19. It's the CPU and maybe your chipset. I had a very similar problem, I had bought a 2900 XT and was getting less frames than my old 7950 GT in CSS and other games. I had an FX-55 and an nforce 4 chipset, once I changed my avg fps went up by 70.
  20. Your ebay express Item looks quite doable...and will get you crazy performance up from what you've got...

    don't discount the nvidia 680i boards (the kinks are mostly worked out now with BIOS updates) and a quad, you have 2 full 16x PCIe slots.....I know i'm touting my own config here, but its been nothing but great to me...

    I get 13,930 3Dmark06 on the system in my sig
  21. My 939 4400+@2.6 and 8800gt seems to handle tf2 fine(@ 1680x1050 max 16Qaa,16Af), the lowest of 38fps in a fire fight(according to a fraps benchie), and while running around never goes below 65. A cpu would help but shouldnt be the promblem, I would recommend trying to overclock first to see if you can acheive the fps you want.
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