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Wondering how many GB do i need for a strictly gaming hard drive?. I might get westerndigital because of the RPM's, any other suggestions? Thanks
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  1. I currently have 15+ games on my 250gb hard drive and it is a little over half full.
  2. Just go for any 32mb cache newest drive. with like 500gb, they are cheap and super fast.
  3. I think the OP wants to know what speed.

    A 10k rpm dive is really good. WD makes the best imho.

    that will make game loading alot faster.


  4. thanks guys
  5. SAS? RAID?
  6. NO need for 10ks ... only a good 7200 32mb cache, WAY cheaper and about SAME gaming perf.

    Its to load the game. not to play it loll, if you have enough RAM, teh HDD isnt supposed to work that much ...
  7. oh ok. SAS not Raid
  8. for the price of a 10k drive you could buy 2 250 drives and raid 0 them unless you are worried about failure...
  9. what about solid state drives for gaming?
  10. expensive toys at the moment. Wait a couple of months for SSD prices to come down and then get those.
  11. A couple of months? It'll be a lot longer than that before they get to a level that even resembles reasonable hard drive pricing.
  12. MARCH 17TH , 2010 ~The difference in cost for a 146GB SAS 15,000 RPM hard drive versus 150GB 10,000 RPM SATA hard drive is only 5% but the performance in transfer rate is huge with over 56%, since SAS 15,000 RPM drives can sustain up to 128MB/s while SATA 10,000 RPM drive can sustain 82MB/s. Other mechanical factors in a SAS drive – lower average latency, lower Read/Write seek times make it far superior to the SATA drive.
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