Any motherboards with DDR and PCI support anymore?!

This would seem like a common issue.

My computer's Motherboard after 4 years whent down and I need to relace it while keeing my processor(p4 2.8) and DDR(400 Dual Channel). I just cant afford to dish out to extra cash for a new set up. I have a pro audio card(Original type PCI). I cant find any boards that still support my DDR or PCI card.

Do they still make these or does an outlet sell the older boards?

I had a ASUS P5P800 Intel 865PE/ICH5

Thanks for the help.

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  1. runswindows95 said:

    Just make sure the sockets match, but I think they do.
  2. Thanks everyone. I understand the new PCI format is PCIe,X .

    Update -- Just Check and it looks like my card is PCIx ready:

    However, Read:

    Video car is AGP

    Looks like Ill have to just make sure. ANy other tips or finds would be a huge help...Thanks everyone.
  3. Asrock DUAL VSTA 775
    Asrock DUAL 4 CORE
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