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2 Nvidia 9600GT on ebay what is going on?

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January 15, 2008 8:00:36 PM

Hi there, my friend just sent me the url where you can buy 2 Nvidia 9600GT 256MB G94 cards that are not yet out on the market.

Quite funny actually, either this is a spoof to rip some people on money or it's stolen merchandise.
What do you think?

I wonder for how long it will be up on ebay before they take it down?

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January 15, 2008 8:08:41 PM

Hehe, then I guess it's a pair that were given for testing purposes or something that the dude later sold.

thanks for the link marvelous :D 
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January 15, 2008 8:14:15 PM

I completely and highly doubt they are legit. First off the 9600 will not be a G94... it's going to be a G92 that has been scaled down. I doubt they would be apearing on e-bay too... Companies dont just give these cards out to anyone to be tested and then allow them to be sold on e-bay... if that were the case than those companies wouldnt be "giving" those people cards to test.

Come on Nvidia has more sense than that!
January 15, 2008 8:18:14 PM

I and my friend were speculating on how they can fool people, let say I take a 8800GT card just put on that cooling case to make it look 9xxx series.

And I don't think if you have the knowledge to do so, to change it to display let say 9600GT when put into the system is that hard, or am I wrong?
January 15, 2008 8:26:39 PM

If you read the guys post, it is the same guy who posted it here. Different username, but he posted the exact same stuff. I do not think this guy is legit gents.
January 15, 2008 8:32:47 PM

This topic has already been discussed on the forums, with much debate. Two threads were locked, and I got points. :( 

I recommend letting it go.

January 15, 2008 8:35:15 PM

eeeh, same guy? Don't get you there?

Personally I don't think it's legit, and if they are real 9600GT cards they're probably stolen.
January 15, 2008 8:49:41 PM

badgtx1969 said:
Different dude than the first, at least he has some clearer photos ( and a feedback of 7 on eBay! Still no shots of the gpu.

Person #1: (blurry pics)

sn: Xazax
ebay sn: Marine187

Person#2: (clear pics)

sn: xaglx
ebay sn: space marine41

coincidences? twins seperated at birth?
January 15, 2008 9:18:32 PM

turboflame said:
Person #1: (blurry pics)

sn: Xazax
ebay sn: Marine187

Person#2: (clear pics)

sn: xaglx
ebay sn: space marine41

coincidences? twins seperated at birth?

Well than it's settled then, marine41 is propably flashing bios, putting on a different case on the cards and "mass" selling it on ebay, cheating people on money.

That sucks, hopefully he will get caught and given a huge fine for false marketing, and marketing under someone else's trademark without permission.
January 15, 2008 9:39:20 PM

Read the thread guys. The guy who he supposedly bought it from is a reporter of some sort and got those cards as samples supposedly.

I don't think the guy is trying to scam anyone. Only a idiot would want to do that on ebay and think they are not going to get caught.
January 15, 2008 9:52:47 PM

Yes, im mass scammer out to get you all!
I have no idea who the moron of TT is and his name is not mine, if you look on my HEAT

i have 2 pos evals along with all my ALIAS on different forums, i go only and solely by Xazax or Xazax310, this guy whoever he is has zero relations to me and i just found out about "him" today when musing through my threads

this is now going way over my head and THG is the worst people i have ever seen about it, ive been posting here for 2 years now and never have i seen in any other forums such rude remarks as on THG.

Hmm did you guys ever stop to think to ACUTALLY contact me? maybe a PM or my AIM because maybe im a real person, guess not.

Just so you know
the cards are "MAGICALLY STOLEN" because you know i broke into Nvidia's supersecret factory ;)  and stole a couple of 9600GT cuz im kool like that, i saw the 9800GX2 but i was like thats so lame, i thought about Flashing a 8800GT bios to that of a 9600GT and then changing the cooler and well as the angle of the 8800GT to match the 9600GT to con people into believing me but i figured that required to much work and im lazy. :kaola: 
January 15, 2008 10:06:53 PM

marvelous211 said:
Only a idiot would want to do that on ebay and think they are not going to get caught.

Right, 'cause no one has ever been scammed on ebay!

January 15, 2008 10:07:41 PM

I did say we needed faith in people and not bash Xazax310...

It seems as if we're getting more evidence. The best way is to contact Nvidia directly.
January 15, 2008 10:14:56 PM

Those ones are not true. Its a 8600 with a small BIOS mod. Xazax tried selling them before.... lol.
January 15, 2008 10:41:31 PM

what are you talking about Shadow? how can a 8600GT even remotely look like a 8800GT the PCBs are different
January 16, 2008 12:33:47 AM

honestly, if he is selling the cards and they are legit, shouldn't there be some kind of BIOS cd with them, even if he got them off craigslist, the guy who sold it there should have sold them with BIOS cd if they were originally from nV, i mean, already selling the product illegally, whats the difference if you include the illegal BIOS cd with it? probably just a guy with know how on how to modify the circuitry on a PCB, to change the way the card is read...
January 16, 2008 1:05:25 AM

Well it looks like the guy from pcperspective bought the cards from the ebay auction (one of them at least) so we will see real soon if they are legit are not.
January 16, 2008 1:20:32 AM

Unless they can provide a legit GPU-Z validation and some better pictures I won't believe it. Even then I'm not sure if I would believe it.
a b Î Nvidia
January 16, 2008 2:34:22 AM

Well another one of these to lock.

Personally I don't really care much, they're weak cards and not ground breaking like even a GX2 / X2 would be. It's a replacement for the GF8600 so M'eh.

I'm sure Ryan from PcPer will give people more insight.

But seriously Xazax, don't be surprised by skepticism when you claim to have an unreleased graphics card(s) and then provide blurry pics as proof of a Yeti.
If it's a digital camera, it only takes about 10 shots (try with/without flash even) to get 1 that isn't blurry so people can see distinguishable marking, unless the whole point is to be indistinguishable.

Anywhoo, no point in stirring the pot, but these threads get locked, especially if they contain links to e-Bay.