help me choosing crucial or kingmax,p35ds4

Hi all
Now Help me to choose the memory and a new motherboard for my pc
Currently I'll buy new motherboard(gigabyte p35-ds4). yes,here i need a very large heatsink due to temperature in my country is quite warm and I want my pc is quite silent. Also need firewire for videos

Or p35 DS3P is enough for me?

Here I have 2 options of memory
1)1gb Crucial Ballistix Tracer 1066mhz CL5 2.2V x 2(micron d9)
2) Kingmax 1066mhz CL5 1.8 volt (i cannot found in newegg) x 2(nanya chip)

I read in newegg and most of this crucial said the memory is quite hot due to 2.2V and inadequate heatsink

And kingmax dont have heatsink at all,but the characteristic that I like most : only 1.8v for running CL5.(and I think its not hot)

My purpose : overclocking my old 6400 C2D till I get 1:1 with above memory, and actually I dont want to overclock my memory speed at all,maybe only reduce the latency. For kingmax i can get another heatsink.
This PC I use for gaming and video editing.
Long term durability is I need the most

1.which memory is better for me,any comments?
2.Currently I have a pair of corsair value select 1gb 667mhz CL5.Better I keep these or buy the memory above?
3. Any another suggestion for motherboard?

p/s Now I 'm having a crap mobo : Asus P5NSLI,cannot be overclocked above FSB 320MHZ and only support 667Mhz DDR2
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  1. Nope,my board only can support till 667mhz. Its not P5N-E SLI (nforce650i). Its P5NSLI (nforce 570 sli).

    You can find review here,also state very hard to get above FSB300

    My P5NSli have a serious vDroop

    Btw its true that kingmax is crap for OC?
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