Building a new computer. $1,000. Best Plan?

I am going to build a custom computer for the first time and I plan on building it from the ground up. I have around $1,000 to spend.
I will be a film student and will be using the computer for video editing. I need something that can run big programs like after effects smoothly.
I am an average gamer: starcraft 2, LOL, etc. It doesn't need to be mind blowing but I would like it to be acceptable.
Any and all of your advice would be very appreciated.

Thank you so much,
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  1. For CPU,I suggest AMD if you're mainly gonna do video editing and not much heavy intensive gaming,CPU I would suggest is the AMD FX-8120 and for gpu,it's up to you but for someone like you,I say the Radeon HD 7750 will do perfectly good for you since it's only 100$ and still does a great job at playing now a days intensive games like Far Cry 3 and Battlefield 3 at Medium to High settings and the rest is up to you
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