Help please - CPU or Mobo broken ?

Got a P4 HT on a Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2H.
Only connected: Mobo + CPU + 1 stick memory + PSU.
Not powering up at all - though power to USB.
Not PSU - as that works fine on another Mobo.
The Mobo does not power up if I remove CPU and Memory.
Does this mean Mobo is definately fried ?
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  1. Kinda sounds like the MB is having a problem.

    I'd check all the capacitors for budges or brown stuff leaking out of them. I'd check to make sure all the pins are not bent on the CPU.

    I'd also double check to make sure the PC speaker is hooked up properly, and power up with the CPU but no ram. It should beep indicating there's no ram.


    Heh.. forgot to mention that I'd do all that with the MB out of the case.
  2. Thanks quick reply
    Mobo is out of case
    All I have on it is CPU, 1 stick memory, PSU is connected with ATX 4 pin and ATX 24 pin - and I've got a short on the power button.
    The PSU fan does NOT come on at all.
    However I have power to USB (mouse lights up).
    And the PSU definately works with another mobo
    (ie fan comes on, bleeps, etc etc ).
    Mobo is only 2 months old - and the whole computer
    worked fine until Thursday - then it just died on morning
    without coming on.
    If I can just be sure it's mobo that's broken I will buy a new
    one and get this one refunded (hopefully).
  3. Since it's just a P4, I'd look perhaps into a new rig.

    I'd get:

    ASRock 4CoreDual-SATA2 LGA 775 VIA PT880 Pro/PT880 Ultra ATX Intel Motherboard

    Not sure if you can purchase from NewEgg from your location, but that MB will run your ram, and AGP, and you do have the option to upgrade the CPU again to a quad if needed.

    Thought that was a nice lil budget system to look at for ya. :D


    :lol: I just looked at your Gigabyte MB... geesh. NM on what I showed ya, since that MB has C2D support. I thought/assumed the P4 you were refering to was the 478 socket with AGP platform.
  4. You should have additional 4/8 pin connector from PSU to motherboard, near CPU. As mentioned above, should power up and beep error code for memory if you remove the RAM. Do not leave short on power pins! You need to short briefly to power up system. If motherboard only 2 months old, get it fixed under warranty!

  5. As a quick test, take another power supply and hook it up to the board, if it works then you know it's the Power Supply. If you recently hooked up a new device and now you have this issue, it may be because the power supply does not have enough juice to power the system, if that is not the case try the next thought.

    Narrow it down to figure out what is broken. First remove all usb devices from the PC, hit the power button, do you see anything on the screen? If yes, one of your usb devices is crap or you have a bad usb port, if no, take all pci devices out of the board asside from the video card. If you have on board video then don't worry about it, hit the power button, do you see anything on the screen? If yes then one of your PCI devices is causing an issue, If no then do you hear any beeps? If you hear beeps refer to the mobo beep codes, if not take out the CPU, hit the power button, do you see anything on the screen? If not take the memory out, hit the power button, do you see anything on the screen? You get the idea. This will surely narrow things down so you can isolate the problem.

    P.S. if the system is only two months old, then all parts should have at least a year warranty on them from the manufacturer. It does kinda sound like the mobo is bad, but test things like I outlined just to be sure you don't waste time sending a good board back, having to wait etc.. and so on.
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