Upgrading graphics card in a Dimention XPS gen 3 ....

Dear all firstly i would like to say hello, i have joined this forum specifically to seek some advise regarding an upgrade i would like to make to my Dell. i have a Dimension XPS GEN 3, and i would like to upgrade the graphics card in it to a

HIS HD 2600XT IceQ Turbo 512MB GDDR3 PCIe Dual DVI

here is the link to the card i want..


my question is, is this card going to be compatible with my machine? will it up the performance and if so how significantly will it do is? is it worth spending £80.

Thank you to any one who takes the time to help me out I really do appreciate it

Thank you for your time :)

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  1. What are your system specs, and what do you do with your system?
    Without knowing that, here are my thoughts:

    I think your PC has an X850XT right now, correct?
    Look here:http://www.tomshardware.com/2008/01/03/the_best_gaming_graphics/page6.html

    The 850XT is classed in the same league as the HD2600Xt your looking at. I'd say you would see some improvment, especially in picture quality, but not a huge difference in raw speed.

    If you have not upgraded your memory, in stock that system only has 512meg, (I think and that is pitifully little) that would help probably more than the graphics card you are looking at.
  2. All this feed back is fantastick than you all... i have looked at al the cards you have advised me on, now i am just confused, so now here is a question to you all...the oridional card i was loking at has 256mb the cars that was recomended to me only has 256mbs so how is that going to be a faster card? please 4give me i realy do not understand theas things to well, i am like most people who see more ram there 4 faster card type thing.

    however here is another question then... if momey wasnt to much of a problem, what would be the best card to go for - for The Dell Dimention XPS gen3 with 2gig of ram 3.4 mgz P4 prossesor, bearing in mind, i dont want a card that superseeds the computer, and the pc cannot utalise the card to its fullest potential.

    there is no point in paying £250-£300 or so, for a card that is hamperd by the pc its self.
    You people seam to know what u are talking about so i will go with what the majority tells me

    TurboShane has recomended theX1950pro so far but that was bering in mind my budget

    what has acused me to want a new card by the way is all baced on one game i have Crysis its real hot and i want to beable to apreciate the graphics on atleast the medium setting with faster frame raites, the game runs ok set to medium now but when the cool action bits kik in it jumps and becomen horid to play, even set to the low settings, it is a real pitty as this tytle fosters some real HOT visuals...

  3. Actually sorry about that 1st reply, i copy pasted it from another forum i am in... lol and it dosnt realy make sence to any one in here, im a bit of a dick some times and dont think:)

    Ok, my PC spec is a Dimention XPS GEN3 3.4 ghz P4 prossesor, it is the X800 XT ati radeon and i have 2gig or ram in there to:) i just realy want to knoe what the best card is be4 the PC bottle necks. :)

    Thank you for your time people...

  4. Id go with a 2600Xt or a 3850 max, anything better and that P4 will implode (not really).
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