Slow internet in XP Pro x64

I noticed the other day when downloading the same file on 2 different computers on my network, that one, an x86 based system, was downloading the file much faster than my x64 based system. Upon doing a few bandwidth tests on both machines, the x86 machine gets about 4Mbps and the x64 only gets 800Kbps max. The x64 machine is a much faster setup than the x86 machine.

I've went through the router and can't find anything that would give preference to one machine over the other or limit the x64 system. Both systems are free of malware.

Can someone give me a few pointers on what local settings I should be looking at on the x64 system?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Drivers for nic card, network cable is bad, bad port on router/computer.

    Check these out. Make sure driver is correct, cables are good, try switching ports on the router and computer.
  2. I have the same problem.

    I have two xp computers, both hard wired to one router connected to a Comcast broadband modem.
    No other devices are connected to the Linksys G wireless router.
    One computer is xp professional and the other is xp home edition.
    I am located in the Coatesville, Pennsylvania area, between Harrisburg and Philadelphia.

    From the Washington location, the speed test shows that my xp pro computer downloads at 5mb. This computer is a much faster dual core processor, 2.4ghz with 2gb memory.

    From the Washington location, the speakeasy speed test shows that my xp home computer downloads at 15mb. This computer is slower, 1.8ghz with 1gb memory.

    I get similar test results from other locations, but I am using Washington in this example.

    I switched the cat5 cables from the back of both computers (since they are side by side and about 5 feet from the router) and did not switch the cat5 cable positions on the router. This eliminates the possibility the cables or router ports are working different.

    I ran the same speed test again on both computers and got the exact same results

    Can you explain why the slower and older xp home computer downloads and uploads faster than the newer and faster xp professional computer?

    Do you think it could be the pc card, both are onboard pc cards? In theory, the xp home pc card should be older and slower in technology, etc.

    I have also tested a Linksys G wireless adapter on the xp professional computer with the same results, 5mb download, 2mb upload. Therefore, the xp pro pc card itself is not likely the problem.

    Is it possible the dual core processors might process more programs better simultaneously, but process programs slower overall?

    Or, could it be the xp professional which is really 2000 with some tweaking that is causing the problem?

    I think the problem is with xp professional sp3.
  3. i also have the same issue however i tried it both on the same machine with the same set up my xp home rane 30,000 to 35,000kpbs wile after installing xp pro sp3 it droped to 5,000 to 10,000 kbps. thare are some major difrences in the network software on pro vs. home. xp pro has alos of software used on server networks like in large buldines wile xp home is designed more for a direct connection to the web. thats why xp pro is slower when connected to the web insted of a sever port. i do not know how or if it is possible to change the network software within xp pro to speed things back up.
    if i find somthing ill post it.
  4. thanks for the reply and update.
    I found my problem. I have an acer computer, dual core, with a step-up high speed processor and I had turned it down manually a few weeks ago. After I turned the process back up again, my Internet speed doubled or tripled. I have it set to auto as needed now and do not have an Internet speed issue now. I wanted to tell you this so you might look for other reasons why you are experiencing your problem. Actually my computer is screaming again. I bought it at for $500 and it is the fasted machine I've seen around here. Thanks again.
  5. well im not sure what to check relly. i ben in teh registry i tweaked that to the max. im pulling multiple threads but the speed test are still low. im not sure what to check. the version of xp pro i have is hevaly customized. it was modified by a programer. its default theme is a vista theme. it has firefox and all the updates as of last month all part of the initial installation. im not sure what this programer modified as far as the network u/i goes but when i get into the registry and the bios everything is pretty well off. the number have all ben set high. set up exactly like my old o.s. as far as what i can manipulate. im not sure what else could have ben messed with to make net speed slower. do you know of any thing. i could check or tweak ather than what ive alredy done with the registry with max connections per server and 1_0 server lines. or maybe a progragm that may help to give it a tweak.
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