Question on heating issue. plz help !

System Specs: Nforce 750i MB, Q6600 CPU OC'ed@ 3ghz, XIGMATEK 120mm HSU, Gskill 1066 4GB Ram, 850/950max wat PSU, 2x 8800GTS SSC 640mb Graphix Cards.

Curious if its going to be possible to keep my CPU any cooler then 40 C idle in my XClio's A380Plus Tower, with 2x8800GTS SSC 640mb graphic cards only being air cooled? Or is anyone with a simliar setup running remarkably cooler that has 2 sli 8800GTS SSC 640 mb graphic cards?

Problem is now the graphic cards put out alot of Heat and even after installing a 120mm fan on the back of my XClio's A380Plus Tower its just not enough to overpower the heat coming off the 2x 8800GTS SSC 640mb graphic cards. They run HOT like 45-50 C idle and underload 60-70 C.

Note: I had to take the 350mm fan off the side panel to fit in the XIGMATEK 120mm fan HSU for my CPU. I also lapped my Q6600 & artic silver 5ed to give a better heat flow to the XIGMATEK HSU.
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  1. your CPU idle temps are all fine. Your Sli load temps are fine.
  2. I am not saying they arent fine. What I am asking is if anyone with around the same setup running 2x 8800gts ssc 640mb graphic cards can post there temps.

    And If I can get it any lower !
  3. Well I think you should really look at what you're asking.

    xClio is not a very popular case, those who Sli 2x8800GTS 640mb have probably moved on to 9800GTX or better. The Xigmatek, a fine cooler with good price, does not have the following a TRUE would.

    So your chances of finding someone with your similar setup is not very good. Only 2 ways to lower temps from what they are now:

    Lower your Ambient temps or get Watercooling. Therefor, your temps are FINE.
  4. You think I should upgrade the tower? If so what would u think is a better tower to keep good airflow?
  5. I think you should form your own opinions instead of asking everyone else theirs. Honestly, you're fine...HOT for a GPU is like 80-90C...under 50C with stock cooling is, well, cool. 40C idle for a Q6600 is pretty good. What are you looking for here?

    If that isn't good enough, the next best thing is watercooling or TEC. Heck, get a box fan, open the side of your case, and crank it up to HIGH. People are telling you 'Its OK' but you insist on more information. Google is now your friend.
  6. seager,

    I've performed the following modification on 8800 GTS 320's and 640's with excellent results on SLI rigs which have the same heat problem you've described.

    Measure and cut thin sheets of plastic film, which can be purchased at any art supply store, then use thin packing tape to attach the film so it blocks off the 8800 GTS 640 internal vents. The cards will then match the 100% rear-exhaust reference design of the newer 8800 GTS 512 cards, which have no internal vents.

    If you want to spend a little more time and make it really perfect, then use the 8800 GTS 512 images on Newegg to fabricate additional side panels, so there's no warm air leakage from the sides of the cards. Your cards will then be virtually exact duplicates of the 8800 GTS 512 cooling solution. I've also taken it a step further by removing the rear vent and dremmel tooling out the grills to reduce outflow resistance, which drops the load temperature another degree or two, but of course voids warranties.

    nVidia has been a little slow to catch on to ATI's 100% rear-exhaust cooling solution, which have never had internal vents! Why nVidia ever introduced dual-slot rear-exhaust with internal vents is completely beyond my comprehension. Blocking off the vents does not make the cards run any hotter, but it certainly drops case temperatures, as well as northbridge, hard drive and processor temperatures. And to think that engineers were paid good money for such a lame brain idea, and numerous management and marketing bone heads actually bought into a "semi-rear-exhaust" cooling solution!

    Also, use Real Temp 2.6 to check your Core temperatures, since it's the only Core temperature monitoring utility that's accurate, based upon research, testing and analysis. Core Temp 0.99 will read 5c too hot. For more information on processor temperatures, click on the link in my signature.

    Hope this helps,

    Comp :sol:
  7. Thanks CompuTronix thats very helpful ! I just have heard others with just air cooling getting down into the 25-30C range Idle and Im like how the heck are they doing this? RIght now I just sit my rig infront of the AC unit and I keep around 20-25 C idle and like 30-35C on full load overclocked. I was trying to reach those 25-30 C temps without the AC unit but I dont think its going to be possible with the 2 8800gts 640mb like you said.

    Thanks again!
  8. I need some help understanding your goals, frankly, because Im not sure what you are trying to accomplish. I know that we all want max life expectancy with maximum performance of our equipment. The temps you are aiming for borders on "Obsessive".

    I know about heat, I have a 8800GTX, idles around 40ish and load in the mid 80C. I even have it OC to Ultra specs. I also have a 7950GX2, one GPU idles at 56C, the other at 61C. Max load for the 2nd is mid 80C. In the time that I've had these two cards, both haven't failed me yet with the temps I mention.

    20C at idle is a cool 68F, much too cold, because ambient temps would have to be around 58F! or below. People like to exaggerate, as a show of their e-peeness, especailly when reading message boards. Don't always take what you read as the norm.

    You found out first hand it's pretty hard to get to 25C, unless you have an AC unit blowing to your computer. Reality is, GPUs can handle alot of heat, even if you're idling in the mid 30C it won't kill your GPU.
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