DVD not reading blank DVD-R's

I have two DVD burners both are +- DL one is made by Samsung the other by LG and both of them can't read blank DVD-R discs.

Both drives work fine in all of cases, they can read DVD movies and games, play CD's, detect blank CD's and burn to blank CD's however neither of them seem to be able to work right when I inset a DVD-R. I notice in My Computer when I put in a blank DVD the icon shows up as CD-Rom but when I right click on properties it shows a blue pie with 0 bytes of space.

I've tried different discs (both actually discs from the stack and brand)
Two different DVD-RW drives
I'm running Windows Xp Professional SP3
Firmware is up to date on both drives
Drives have burnt DVD's before
I have no virtual drives running or installed or copy software
I'm using gBurner to burn my discs

I can't see how the both drives have failed (it is possible I guess if they came from the same factory and used the same parts) I hardly ever use my drives to burn DVD's in fact I haven't burnt a DVD in well over a year.
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  1. Blank CD/DVD media doesn't have free space.
  2. MrLinux said:
    Blank CD/DVD media doesn't have free space.

    Thanks I think I managed to fix this. I cleared all the crappy emulation staff, put a DVD in my drive and rebooted and in explorer it showed up fine and I manged to burn to the disc using NERO.
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