x1950 pro at over 100c when playing games

what do i do, ive opened the case and even turned all the fans way up but its still at a 100c, what do i do?
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  1. Do you have the stock cooler or an aftermarket cooler on the card?
    Whar are you using to read temps/adjust fan speed and is this GPU temp your reading or VRM?
    Did this just start recently? (and if so, any changes to your system recently)?
    What are the specs of your system overall?

    Sorry for all the questions - but a little more info will help to give a better response.

  2. alright, yer im using the stock radeon cooler. The idle temp is 63c thats the gpu core, whle the pcb is at about 51c. load its at 100c and increasing. errrm i havent played games in a long while for 3 months or so so yer its just started recently, all i have added since the last tim i played a game was a extra hdd.
    My specs are-

    e6850-stock cooler
    2gb 800mhz ocz ram platinumrevison 2
    x1950 pro 256
    500+320gb hdd
    p180 case
    dvd drive
    and a hiper type m psu
  3. Download and install AtiTool. My x1950 was doing the same thing and I found that the fan wasn't automatically speeding up when it got hot. Using AtiTool, you can set fan speeds depending on the temp. Now my card maxes out at 81C while playing Crysis.
  4. @op: micro1's suggestion is good - thats why i was asking what you were reading temps with and how you were adjusting fan speed. Start with atitool and see where that gets you. Next step would be to go for an aftermarket cooler - the cards with the original stock cooler run notoriously hot. I switched to an Accelero X2 with a heat spreader for the VRM. Now my gpu doesn't get above 58C when I play oblivion and the VRM stays in the low to mid 90C range ( in general that will run hotter then the GPU but is spec'd to go up to 120C).

  5. Haha yeah the 1950 pro runs hot! Especially with that stupid stock cooler. But like micro1 said you need atitools to tell the fan to run at full speed at a lower temp. As I recall without Att it doesnt spin up to 100% until a temperature like 90 or 100 degrees. I had a sapphire one if that makes any difference.
    You probably shouldnt need aftermarket cooling if you have a properly vented case. My temps still hit 80 but the card never crashed or complained and thats all I was looking for. If you want to OC it is a different story but I think the 1950 Pro is a terrible overclocker.
  6. Actually here's an idea. What version of the catalyst drivers are you using? A couple of guys in my gaming clan bought X1950's and they were having heat issues. When they updated the drivers to the 7.7's the problems went away. Strange idea, but update to the 7.7 and see if it goes away.
  7. Was the card purchased new or used? I had a friend who bought a used card from another friend and it would seemingly run fine excpet when gaming. I tested it out for him and discovered that it would reach 100c just when the screensaver was on but it wouldn't crash. It turned out that the stock cooler had been replaced with a watercooling block and then put back on (not very well) when it was resold.
  8. well i raised the fan speed to 100% and im getting 96c and climbing, so its not making a difference
  9. yer it was used, i think
  10. That's too hot dude. Are you sure the fan's working?

    Check to see if the heatsink is seated properly on the GPU. Replace the crap thermal tape with some quality thermal paste while you're at it.

    Also, try with the side of the case off. If things improve, you have poor case airflow.

    But anything over 90 degrees is enough to worry about.
  11. Alright, yes 90c is mad. I've taken off the case and the card is burning up. i think its a rubbish heatsink but i cant see why i would get another heatsink when i may as well get an 8800 gts 512 and throw that rubbish away or sell it on ebay.
  12. How much do you want for your crap rubbish card? :)
  13. £60-£50 quid good price i think
  14. Its still running at over 100 degrees c, 3 years later. what graphiocs card is good for just playing hd films?
  15. The issue could be the thermal paste has deteriorated and is no longer very effective. Thermal paste can dry out over time and turn powdery. When this happens most of the thermal transfer capabilities are lost.

    If you do not play any games, then a HD 5570 will be fine for just playing HD videos. Actually this budget card is likely to be a little more powerful than your X1950 Pro. The HD 5570 is roughly equal to the HD 4670. The HD 4670 is definitely more powerful than the X1950 Pro.

    By today's standard the HD 5570 is merely considered to be a multimedia card while the faster HD 5670 is considered a value gaming card.
  16. They often used a single slot cooler with these R570 cards. Likely it is chock full of dust along with the stock compound being dry. The stock compound typically fails with in the first few months of the card's life, usually between 3-6months with slightly higher temps than normal even with the cooler kept clean.
  17. For upgrading I suggest at least a 5750 for gaming while a 5450 or a 5550 will be just fine for multimedia.
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