8800GTS 320 SP is more expensive than 512?

Why 8800 GTS 320MB superclocked coasts more than 8800 gt 512MB
that mach more powerfull?

and what should i buy 8800GT 512 or 8800GTS 512 (coasts a 100$ more) is it worth the money?

thnx :hello: :sol: :lol: :)
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  1. There are still people that buy the 320/640 because they don't know any better. :p Believe it or not I've seen one or two people still recommend the 640MB version of the GTS over the new 512MB. Obviously they don't understand that one is G80 and G92... plus people think more money = better product.... Oh well.

    The GTS is a better performer (beating the GTX in some benchmarks), but the GT is better performance per dollar spent. If you're on a tight budget - GT, if not - GTS. :)
  2. Also, if you consider the 8800GT, look at the ones with the new PCB which offer better cooling. Some people were complaining about high (not critical, but high) temps and a lot of noise with the old cooler.

    Like this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121224
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