Wireless Network LAG spikes ingame - Yes, I know there are others...

I am having a lot of trouble with my wireless network. (before anyone gets mad at me for posting this when there are other cases, i know but they either are resolved and the resolution doesn't work for me or its not the same problem exactly).
Ok, so I have a wireless network in my house, its not too far from my PC. I used to have a laptop that I would game online with a wireless network and this laptop was in the same place as my current desktop PC. I experienced no lag or connection issues with the laptop (which had the wireless built into it). Also if I took the laptop even further away then my room it still had no problems. Now I have bought a new desktop computer with a PCI wireless network card in it. When I try to play any online games I get constant lag spikes or sometimes just drop out completely. I have tried putting a bigger antenna on both the card on my pc and the router and it has not worked. I have also tried disabling WZC (correct? wireless zero config i think that's the name anyway) but it seemed to get worse but that's probably my imagination. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am in a COD4 clan and it makes it hard to game.

P.S. if i can't get the wireless on my PC to work can i put a lan cord to my laptop so that my PC is connecting to the internet through the laptop which is connected to the wireless router? (just an idea)
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  1. id guess its a driver issue, what brand/model is it exactly?
    have you googled the model to see if anyone else has similar issues?

    have you tried running windows update to see if theres a newer driver out there?

    personally id go with a pair of powerline adaptors, reduces the number of cables going through the house.
  2. all the drivers are updated, i have googled it but the thing that makes me diff to other people is that i can game fine with a laptop in the same place (i know they have big antenas when they are built in but i extended mine on my PC. So i have no idea. Actually i cant update anything on the actual router though, because if I can I havn't.
  3. Sorry for the double post..
    anyway i just looked at the powerline adapters and they look eccelent. I would go out and buy some now if someone could answer these questions?

    1. Do they have Australian ones (that's where i live)
    2. Do they work in most (if not all houses)
    3. Will it disrupt my power flow
    4. Will i still have lag ingame with them?
    5. I would only need to buy two of something similar to this or this
    6. Would this setup work. Modem > router > powerline adapter > power socket. Then on the other end - power socket > Powerline adapter > PC via usb or LAN cord.

    Help would be greatly appreciated because I can put cords through my house and this looks like a chance to get rid of my lag so that my new PC can play online games how they should be played (without having to prone every 2-5 mins while you wait for the spike to finish)

  4. the ones i have are from belkin and they use a standard radio 2 (figure of eight) plug that goes into the unit.

    1, http://www.expansys.com.au/p.aspx?i=180752 this is the model i use in my house, id hope an aussie seller would have aussie plugs.

    2, most houses are compatible, you do see cases where they dont work because the house's electricity supply is running different circuits to different parts of the house, so i guess buy local and check their returns policy before you buy.

    3, no

    4, its like a wired connection, so if you dont lag with a wired connection you'll be fine.

    5, you can buy a pair (recommended), you can buy singles if you want to add a wireless ap version but they must be compatible.

    6. they use ethernet connections to link, personally i have modem>powerline>socket, socket>powerline>router>machines

    read some reviews, theres the usual positives when it works first time, and the negatives when it doesnt link up because of problems with the house.
  5. thanks for the reply montyuk,
    I wonder if i could check what circuits are compatible and what circuits my house has...
    Anyway thanks for the help.
    BTW just out of interest, can I actually put a lan cord directly to my laptop so that my PC is connecting to the internet through the laptop which is connected to the wireless router and if so, how ( it would make a fun little networking project for me :) )
    thanks again
  6. theres no real way of knowing unless your an electrician, hence the returns policy.

    yes you can, you'll need a crossover ethernet cable, then look up internet connection sharing.
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