Looking for Good SATA DVD Drives

Hi there, I've got everything together, 2 sata cables, and 2 ASUS Quiet Track SATA DVD Drives to order off Newegg

Before I make my purchase tonight or tomorrow, I would like if anyone could provide some links to
good high end fast, accurate, quiet, SATA DVD Drives, I've done some searching and haven't really
found any. If anyone could post some links of some drives they think are good, please post.

Any price range below 70 dollars

( Just normal Drives, not DVD Burners )

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  1. Here in Oz I find it difficult to find a DVD drive, they are all burners. For the price difference, you mighr as well get a burner.
    I just had a LG SATA drive. It went back, it would not read the lead in/lead out areas. I changed it for a Pioneer, and have had no problems.
  2. I like the Samsungs. I have an S-183.
  3. I have the LG from newgegg and had no issues with it at all. I am about to order the pioneer for my other system.
  4. I've got a Samsung SH-S203B/BEBN.
    Quick and reliable.
    It's a DVD writer but at £21 (approx $40) it comes well within your price range.
  5. Samsung sh-s203B is one of the best burners you can buy.
    29.99 from newegg.
  6. Cool, Can I have the link to the Pioneer DVD Drive

    I do not want a DVD Burner, I never burn anything and I find them a bit more noisy when using it as a disc drive
    for playing games and what not ;)
  7. a DVD-ROM drive wont be any more noisy than a +-RW drive... and not much more expensive... and will probably get more firmware updates. And stay away from pioneer drives... theyve gone down in quality in the past few years.
  8. Grab the Plextor SATA burner on Newegg. Plextor is still among the better brands out there and priced reasonably well.
  9. As far as I'm concerned there is very little difference between most drives on the market. I would go for a retail Lightscribe unit. Retail since you normally get a DVD player and software. Nero "OEM" isn't bad.
  10. For quiet, go Samsung, or NEC.
  11. I Love my Plextor
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