M2N-SLI Delux Won't Post after Bios update

Hi all.
I recently purchased an AMD Athlon X2 5000 Black edition CPU. I had to update my bios in order to use the new CPU. So, with my old CPU (X2 4600) still in, I downloaded the updated bios, booted to a system disk and flashed the bios. However, the computer will no longer boot at all. The power runs for about 4 seconds then shuts off.
Any ideas?

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  1. I am trying to upgrade the bios on my similar motherboard (an M2N32-SLI Deluxe) for the purpose of putting in a new CPU also, and the ASUS windows bios upgrade utility does not work with this board, only their DOS utility, making you startup with a floppy disk in DOS mode, well I don't have a floppy drive on this machine, so I am SOL.

    How did you upgrade the bios?

    By the way, it sounds to me like your new bios isn't good.
  2. Have either of you managed to successfully update your BIOS on this board?
    Im looking to update mine for the first time and worried that its not going to work or fail somewhere along the line leaving me without a pc!

    The manual states just update through the internet using the ASUS BIOS Update utility, but from whats been said this doesnt work? I dont understand if it doesnt work then how do ASUS get away with it? surely they should provide a fix?
  3. Yes, I finally managed to get it. It turned out to be much simpler than I had imagined. There is a flashing utility built into the current bios called EZ Flash, you use that. The ASUS Windows Utility for flashing the bios over the internet, called Winflash, does not work with this motherboard, at all.

    What you do is take the new bios file that you downloaded, in my case it was 1701.BIN, and copy it to your USB Flash Drive, or burn it to a CD or whatever, and then just start your machine up, press DEL to go into the bios, scroll right to TOOLS, and choose EZ Flash.

    You follow the simple instructions, and the program reads the file from your flash drive, or CD, or whatever, and flashes the bios right then and there. It's ridiculously easy.

  4. lol........ beat me to it! Just logged on to say exactly the same thing!

    After reading about the internet flash not working I went through the manual and decided on EZ Flash also, 30 seconds and done.

    Thanks anyway, glad you sorted yours also.
  5. In my case, I didn't know that EZ Flash was a program built into the bios, I thought it was a windows program, and I could not find it for download, I spent a long time looking for it.
  6. Ok have the same prob but more complicated my old CPU burnt out and need the upgraded Bios to use the new one any ideas?
  7. I think you're gonna have to borrow a CPU from someone, or send the board back to Asus to have them reflash it, which will probably take a while.
  8. HI yeah just been reading all this with great interest as its the closest posts ive seen to the problem im having

    My pc worked and does work fine first using 601 then 1204 bios on an m2n4-sli board I updated it using the tool and though the verify came up with an error the machine still boots up fine, but the reason I updated the bios in the first place was so that I could run another processor which id got AMD Athlon 6400+ x2 64 the black edition but both before I flashed the board and after I get the same problem on trying to boot up an audio code consisting of 1 long then 2 short beeps but if I re-install my current processor it works again fine any1 have a good idea whats wrong here?

    Unsupported processor
    Corrupt bios 1204
    incorrect bios settings (how do I fix this?)
    fault with mobo
    faulty processor ~(this is what I beleive already)
    video adaptor fault

    From reading around the fault would appear to be occuring because of either a video adaptor problem or psu problem but my machine works perfectly well with my old processor AMD 5200+ x2 64 and the video card has been recently replaced my psu is a hiper 670 watts which I dont think is the problem

    Thx in advance

    Bios 1204 was 601
    AMD athlon 5200+ x2 64
    Windows xp pro 64 bit edition
    4gb 667ddr2 memory
    BFG Gforce 8800gtx PCI-E 768mb ddr3
    Western digital 80gb hdd IDE
    Maxtor 250gb SATA hdd
    Samsung 750gb SATA hdd
    3x fans + cpu fan + gfx fan
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