"Disk Read Error" After BIOS Update

I have a Asus Rampage Formula and I used the Asus update utility to update the BIOS. I saved the original BIOS, then updated from the new file. It said reboot for changes to take effect. Now after POST and before Windows loads I get "Disk Read Error, Press Ctrl + Alt+ Delete to restart". Doing that only takes me back the the message.

What have I done wrong?

My system is:

Asus Rampage Formula
Intel Q9450
Two 500 GB Seagates using Intel Matrix Raid (80gb for C drive in raid 0 and the rest for D drive in raid 1)
Windows XP Pro 64 bit
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  1. Actually I've figured out the problem. I entered BIOS since that was the only thing I could do. Under SATA configuration, the "Configure SATA as..." was IDE and not Raid. I changed that and everything works fine. I suppose that happened because after the reboot from the BIOS update it gave me three options about BIOS settings, and I chose the 3rd which was to use defaults. I'm guessing that was what happened.
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