E8400 Lifetime on 4.2 Ghz

Ok, I'm finally done overclocking! :D My last question is how long do you guys think my CPU will last at 4.2 Ghz and 1.38v or 1.4v, I'm not sure which but I know it's one of those... I won't be building for a longgg time so I need this to last for a while... Thanks for the help.
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  1. Oh by the way... My idle temps are 44c and my load (without the AC on high, because I have it in front of the AC vent) is around 71c... Which is a bit high. And my idle temps with AC on high are 29c and my load is 44c.
  2. it might be a dumb question, but i assume there is NO humidity concern..? is there a reason why you want to push it to the limit because i think even at 3.6+ would be plenty... you can apply your question to how long the car tires last if you run it at 100 mph and expected to use them for 1-2 yrs... it's an unreasonable question... unless you keep your AC on when the PC's on... even that, you are stretching it a bit there.


  3. Yeah... I might down clock it to 4 ghz... It'd settle out some temps and it'd be nice and quick.
  4. i hear they last relatively short at those voltages. dont try it downclock to 4. mines at 3.8ghz.
  5. Ok.... I've got it at 4 Ghz, and my voltage is like 1.3v.... I think I'll try 3.8... I just don't want to sacrifice ALOT of speed.... I wanna have a fast CPU but also have a reliable CPU...
  6. Ok.... I have it at 3.8 Ghz and I'm still lowering the voltages lol. So far my idle is under 34c and my load is 57c.... Thats without the AC. As I lower the voltages it should get even lower...
  7. Meh. I say the CPU will be history( as in it won't be the latest/current) before the CPU dies.
  8. You can leave it at 4.0ghz with 1.3 voltage for 24/7 usage. The only thing that degrades the CPU, (conterary to what gaiden said, its not the speed the CPU runs at that kills it, but rather the voltage). Now 1.3 is WELL within the voltage specs for those processors. So keep it at 4ghz. 4.2ghz at 1.4volts is kinda pushing it, but at 1.3v it will be fine for a LONG time
  9. ^Agreed. It's the voltage and heat that kills a CPU.
  10. I got 3.8 ghz at 1.285V with load temp of 62/60.

    Too hot? or good?
  11. starwarsmonkey said:
    I got 3.8 ghz at 1.285V with load temp of 62/60.

    Too hot? or good?

    It appears within the design specs, so I say your good.

    For reference

    The page to find other processors on this in case your curious
  12. starwarsmonkey said:
    I got 3.8 ghz at 1.285V with load temp of 62/60.

    Too hot? or good?

    Is that a stress test max temp or a gaming load temp (these will be different in most cases). Just for comparison. I try to not allow my max temp on my 24+ hour stress/stability test to go above 60c. The max on the OC you see in my sig is 58c in a room that is at 75f. My gaming load on a game that stresses it such as Crysis or UT3 is anywhere from 50 - 54c depending on load and room temp at the time.

    Hopefully this helps you to compare. If your temps are at 62c while doing a long stress test then imo you are fine, but if that is just while running a game I would try and see what can be done to get that a tad lower. Just my personal preference. From a technical aspect you are within the limits, but are starting to hit the borderline.

    When you say you want to keep it for a LONG time...how long is that exactly? For me, 2 years is quite a long time, but for others 4 or 5 years is, so what are we lookin at here?


  13. Im buying this chip and want to overclock it to 3.6GHz. Does anyone have any info on how i do actually overclock it, i.e. voltage info. As I've never done this before an wouldn't mind a bit of guidance.
  14. well i have the e8400 at 3.6ghz and i didnt have to touch the voltage , you need to go into bios and change the FSB to 400 , also you want to make sure the ram stays at the same speed until you know its stable at 3.6 , which i have no doubt it should be , your machine spec would help , i.e motherboard , ram , powersupply
  15. mines running at 4.2 stable not sure of temps
    ocz ddr3 pc12800 1600mhz 930x2=1860mhz
    asus p5kc m/b
    very pleased best chip iv ever overclocked
    real value for money at £120
    pretty dam fast too
    i can do a divx to dvd in less than 20 mins now
  16. at 1.4v it will last a couple of years if the temps are kept under 60c load, i ran my e8400 at 4.6ghz and 1.6v for 4 months and had no problems still ran at stock fine.
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