XfX Geforce 8800GT Black screen 4 beeps

When i try my new Geforce 8800 GT I get four bios beeps and a black screen and nothing further happens. After doing abit of browsing i found the four beeps means there is a Video Card Failure. So i tried the card in a friends machine and it works fine.

I also assumed it could be power, im currently using a 400w supply, but i also tried a spare 500w one and had the same problem. I also tried unplugging unused drives and fans.

My mother board is a Asus M2v K8T890

This is the card, XfX Geforce 8800GT

Iv read on these forums that some people have had problems with this combination of MB and GFX card, but thats in game, and i cant even get that far, and there is bios update to that problem which i have applied. Iv also updated the chipset drivers.

I dont think it can be the mother board because my previous cards work fine.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

The only thing i think it could be is the PSUs i tried where too cheap, so i was going to splash out on an expensive one and see if that fixes it. This that a good idea? Any ideas on one that will defiantly have sufficient watts,amps rails?

I was going to get this: OCZ Technology StealthXStream 600W Active PFC

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. Are you providing extra power through the 6 pin GPU connector? If you don't have that connected, it will act as if there was a GPU failure. If you are, and it still doesn't work, then you don't have enough power. (That card requires a 420W PSU with at least 26A for the entire system, iirc - this is based off memory)

    That PSU you linked should work just fine.
  2. bosh (rgeist554) hit it on the nail head you need a splitter cable. it takes 26 amps to power it .1 rail @26amps asyou see the ozc 600 has 4 - 12volt @ 18 amps each. useing 2 seperate mollex cables 12 volts 18 amps will work ok.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to reply guys.

    Yes i am providing extra power through a 6pin connector, which is fed by to stand 4 pin connectors.

    Looking at this stickers on the side of my 2 PSUs :

    My current PSU is a Colorit 400w and is:
    20A on the +3.3v
    30A on the +5v
    20A on the +12v

    My other Casecom 500w supply is:
    28A on the +3.3v
    38A on the +5v
    17A on the +12v

    Is this any help? are these rubbish? Should i buy a new one?
  4. ^The PSU is cr@p. Get a good PSU listed in the top tires here:

    I (like always) recommend a Corsair 550VX or 520HX.

    My current PSU is a Colorit 400w and is:
    20A on the +3.3v
    30A on the +5v
    20A on the +12v

    My other Casecom 500w supply is:
    28A on the +3.3v
    38A on the +5v
    17A on the +12v


  6. I having abit of a nightmare!

    I ordered the OCZ Technology StealthXStream 600W, but they made a mistake and sent me the OCZ Technology StealthXStream 500W. But ive tried this in the case because its still a good PSU with enough amps and watts to run my setup.

    And i still have the same problem.....4 beeps and a black screen, although I had my speakers on this time and i discovered it is reaching windows because the vista start up sounds got played.

    Im satisfied its not the PSU because i have tried it with 3 different ones, plus when I used the gfx card in my friends machine the card worked and he only had a budget setup.

    The only thing that leaves is the motherboard, both Geforce 8xxx cards i have tried in it havent worked, yet my Radeon 1650XT works fine. Anyone got any ideas on this?

    This is the MB:

  7. bosh 4 beep http://www.pchell.com/hardware/beepcodes.shtml

    you sure memory is good 4 beeps Your computer has memory problems. First check video. If video is working, you'll see an error message. If not, you have a parity error in your first 64K of memory. First check your SIMM's. Reseat them and reboot. If this doesn't do it, the memory chips may be bad. You can try switching the first and second banks memory chips. First banks are the memory banks that your CPU finds its first 64K of base memory in. You'll need to consult your manual to see which bank is first. If all your memory tests good, you probably need to buy another motherboard
  8. Thanks, but as i said in my orignal post, i already found out what the beeps ment.

    I posted on the nvidia forum that they think 8800GT and 8800GTS dont work with a VIA chipset


    The Via chipsets and the 8800GT / 88000GTS 512mb does'nt like eachother at all.

    Better try to sell your GT. Or return it if possible? And get the cheapest 8800GTX you can find

    You guys think i should risk getting a GTX? Or should i look at a Radeon card?
  9. bosh I don't like via,that said you really don't know if gtx will work to.ati in your case may be good option.good find on the nvidia and gt,gts not working on via.that will probably help alote of people in the future.
  10. What is wrong with VIA?
  11. bosh had bad experience with asus via board several years ago long storey short answer,never have used one sense.your experience with 8800 gt .gts just reasured me they still have problems.
  12. You think i should just get a new mobo? Im pretty much screwed anyway if i cant use any of the geforce 8 series cards. Ant recommendations?
  13. Bosh I would hate to make that guess.if you have excess to another mother bd with out buying try that.the board you have is a $200.00 bd,video is over $200.00.I don't know how long you have own them,if you still have 30 day warrenty on either one of them that is a option.

    this bd was tested with:
    Testbed configuration:

    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+
    RAM: 2 x Kingston KHX7200D2K2/1G (DDR2-800, 5-5-5-15-2T)
    Hard drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 (SATA, 7200 rpm)
    Graphics card: ATI Radeon X1900XTX, 512 MB GDDR3
    PSU: Chieftec CFT-560-A12C
    OS: Windows XP SP2

    I don't know the cpu are useing!

    IF you had someone willing to let you try there mb that would help make a good decison.

    Sense this mobo was tested with ati and they work on it ok that a option.

    hope this help you,and if you need more help I'll see you next post and try to help in any way I can.
  14. This is my current setup:

    -AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+
    -Asustek M2V AM2 VIAK8T890 Sound, Gigalan And USB 2.0 2000MHz FSB SATA ATX
    -Seagate ST3500630AS 500GB Hard Drive SATAII 16MB Cache 7200RPM - OEM
    -Kingston 2GB Kit (2x1gb) DDR2 800MHz/pc2-6400 Hyperx Memory Unbuffered Cl4(4-4-4-12) Non-ECC 2.0v
    -Radeon 1650XT

    So i was thinking i should buy a new motherboard:
    Gigabyte AM2 AMD690V MATX A L

    MSI AM2 nForce 560 ATX Audio Lan

    Or get a better Radeon:
    Sapphire Technology Radeon HD 3870 512MB GDDR4 PCIE Dual DVI

    what you think?
  15. It is definitely your motherboard and the via chipset.I had the exact same problem on my Asus A8V-E Deluxe motherboard with the exact via chipset.I tried both the 8800gt,and the hd 3870,neither worked.None of the new pci express version 2.0 graphics cards will work.The only solution I have heard others trying is to get a new bios for your graphics card from the manufacturer.They can give you a bios to allow your card to run in pci express version 1.1 instead of 2.0.I was hoping to get a fix from viaarena.com,but have seen no updates to solve the problem.Good Luck.
  16. EVGA released a new bios for all their cards last week having to do with 8800 GT's PCIe 2.0 and some incompatibility with the old 1.0a PCIe....as well as VIA chipsets. Call XFX Tech support and ask them about a newer bios for the card. Other manufactures are saavy to this issue...I have to believe that XFX is too!

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