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In the US, it is illegal to sell a refurbished product as something that's brand new. But even though that's the case, I hear people say that they don't trust sellers when buying hard drives because they might be sending them a refurbished drive.

So I want to ask your guy's opinion. Is there a way to PROVE that something is refurbished if they've sent it to you? If so, how? If not, how would you go about protecting yourself from these type of scams if they occur. Thanks.
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  1. Now I freely admit that I don't know what I'm talking about, but if you can't tell whether it's refurbished or not then what's the problem?
  2. I don't mean that I can't tell that something is refurbished. But I'm asking whether or not you can prove that something is refurbished. If something looks refurbished, is there a way to prove it's refurbished and make the seller give you a new one, or are you screwed?
  3. I have purchaced quite a few electronics in my time and if you are buying a name brand product it will be sealed if you buy it new exeptions are retailers to allow open box returns and then it it is in good order they will either sell as open box or new depending on that stores policy.
    Refurb/re certified should be in a plain box and or marked as such.
    If you have bought new and you can tell it was open before you should contact the seller and demand a new sealed item. Also using a Credit card could give you leverage with the seller.
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